Politex Special Report #4 - 15 FEB

Alt-Right Trump Can't Say "Anti-Semitism"

Trump never uses those words because it would upset one of his voting blocs. --JP


Feb 15: Anti-Defamation League: Trump 'Failed To Condemn' Anti-Semitism https://t.co/ij7CyuSD26

Feb 15: Donald Trump: Anti-Semitism Question Sparks Response: Read his clueless comment. Time https://t.co/Ao2yBGgk3F

Feb 15: Trump sidesteps anti-Semitism question, Netanyahu covers it up. https://t.co/d2zUwl2BCt https://t.co/nG2dbT0L1Q


feb 15: Trump was asked a question re anti-Semitism in his admin. His deranged answer was about the election and his kids WP https://t.co/VIu0KTHbDS

Feb 15: "Donald Trump offered up a massive word salad when asked about anti-Semitism today" https://t.co/hkKp3cqELh

Feb 15: President Trump answered a question about anti-Semitism by boasting about his election victory | Jewish TA https://t.co/17CFLu4xVi

Feb 15: Donald Trump was asked a question about anti-Semitism. His answer was about the electoral college. -WP https://t.co/0sZpZLcaxI


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