The Politex Report #1260

Down On The Plantation with Betsy Wetsy and Ben Dover


Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump, and the Misuse of American History. NY


Betsy DeVos sparks ire by linking historically black colleges with 'school choice'

DeVos called HBCUs ‘pioneers’ of ‘school choice.’ It didn’t go over well. - WP

‘Welcome to the Trump plantation’: Historically black college vandalized after Betsy DeVos gaffe

"Misguided" Betsy DeVos’s Power Over Black Colleges. NYT


Obama Education Rules Are Swept Aside by Congress, leaving DeVos to gut accountability. NYT

Trump and DeVos Push ALEC Privatization Scheme as Studies Document Voucher Failures

The next step in the Trump-DeVos plan to send taxpayer money to religious schools

School choice advocate with DeVos ties resigns after wife beating remarks.

Trump Says He Heard Frederick Douglass Was Alive from Betsy DeVos. Borowitz


Ben Carson’s infinite fall from grace: Fredrick Douglass, Intern.

Carson said slaves brought to America against their will were “immigrants” who “had a dream”

Ben Carson’s terrible “Hamilton” sequel idea: The enslaved were immigrants who “worked even harder for less”?

Ben Carson Refers to Slaves as ‘Immigrants’ in First Remarks to HUD Staff: You had to be there. NYT

During a speech to his staff Monday about America’s role as “a land of dreams and opportunity,” Ben Carson referred to slaves as immigrants. (with video)

Ben Carson Says People Pushed Out of Windows Get Unique Opportunity to Fly Through Air. Borowitz


Ben Carson’s Gray Matter: HUD's brainless leader. Bruni, NYT

Slumlord Donald, poised to drain funds from N.Y. and public housing. NYDN

Housing groups blast Trump admin's potential HUD cuts as 'cruel' and counterproductive. NYDN

Here’s how HUD’s possible $6B cut could affect housing: Fewer houses, higher costs.

Housing Advocate: It's Scary That Trump HUD Secretary Pick Ben Carson Thinks Poverty is a Choice | Democracy Now!

Ben Carson is totally unqualified to be HUD secretary - CNN

In bizarre first speech to HUD, Carson hints at skepticism on civil rights protections

Ben Carson Is Confirmed as HUD Secretary, Continuing Cabinet Attacks On Cabinet. NYT

Spicer accidentally tweets that Trump is the new HUD secretary |

Lookin' Good! The Future of Housing Segregation Under Trump. Atlantic

HUD job to pit Carson ideology against long-standing housing policy -WP

Trump administration considers $6 billion cut to HUD budget to pay for military expansion. - WP

Trump's Plan to Expand the Military Could Hurt Veterans Looking for HUD Houses.