The Politex Report #1259

Women March Globally, Trump and Putin Co-Opt


Despite controversial history, Trump tweets he has 'tremendous respect for women'

Donald Trump ridiculed on Twitter after proclaiming his “tremendous respect for women”

"Pussy" Grabbin' Trump declares his 'tremendous respect' for women - LA Times

A Reminder: Donald Trump, Our President, Hates Women. Slate


These are the people who will suffer under Trumpcare: Women, poor, elderly.

All the ways Trumpcare would devastate women’s health care. TP

Good luck, women! Under the GOP health care bill, it’ll be tougher to have a baby — and tougher not to

Here's How Trump's War on Women Could Land in the Supreme Court


China Finally Gives World The Trump-Branded Massage Parlors And Escort Services We Were Waiting For

China grants preliminary approval to 38 new Trump trademarks, including massage parlors and social escorts. AP

China provisionally grants Trump 38 trademarks – including for escort service. Guardian


Advocate: DHS Proposal to Split Children from Parents at U.S. Border is "State-Sanctioned Violence" DN

Trump Homeland Security’s plan to break up families would have terrible consequences for kids


Vladimir Putin’s message to women on International Women’s Day.

Vladimir Putin to Women: Y’all Do So Many Great Chores! Also Please Smile More.

Putin Says "Russian Whores Best In World" [1/17/2017]

Putin Says He Doesn’t Believe Trump Met Prostitutes in Russia. Bloomberg


Here’s a list of dumb things men in power around the world have actually said about women.

Former female marines: Facebook page only the latest instance of sexual abuse


International Women’s Day: Calls to Action, Protests and Words of Praise. NYT

‘Day Without a Woman’ Protest Tests a Movement’s Staying Power. NYT

Here's where your state ranks on gender equality #InternationalWomensDay


Not just another Women's Day: feminist one-day strike brings 'edge' to movement

A Feminism of the 99 Percent. New Republic

I march for ______: a look at female activism in Trump's America – video. Guardian

Where 'A Day Without a Woman' marches was held in the US.


Fox News host shames women’s day protestors for ‘shirking responsibility’ and ‘hurting women’s empowerment’.


The US is ranked 104th in women's representation in government

House Democrats join strike on International Women's Day

Badass Maxine Waters Will NeverForget Trump Is A Puss-Grabbing SCUMBAG

After Mitch McConnell shushed Elizabeth Warren, House Democrats raised $767,000 from emails

School choice advocate with DeVos ties resigns after wife beating remarks.


Women in More Than 50 Countries Set to Strike Today on International Women's Day.

Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50:50 by 2030

Google International Women’s Day Doodle Celebrates Female Trailblazers Who Aren’t Yet Household Names, But Should Be


On International Women’s Day, not all women can go on strike

Women At Work in 2017.

Women’s Strike brings paid leave supporters to D.C. by the thousands. Say Trump paid leave is a sham. TP

The real test of A Day Without a Woman isn’t about privilege. It’s about solidarity.

How Activists, Newsrooms, and Brands Are Handling International Women’s Day and the Strike. Slate

Seven Scary Facts About Widening Gender Gap


Women’s Strike brings paid leave supporters to D.C. by the thousands. Say Trump paid leave is a sham. TP

Women in workplace is 'economic no-brainer'


A statue of a young girl is now staring down the Wall Street bull — and gender inequality

Little girl with a big message: Bronze statue tells Wall St. 'SHE makes a difference'


Thai Women call for assault-free commutes to mark day.

76 women on a glacier are changing the world


Women’s Strike Organizers Arrested at Trump Tower on a Day of Protests Worldwide

4 organizers of A Day Without a Woman were arrested in New York

‘A Day Without a Woman’ Strike Shuts Down Schools in Alexandria, Va.


Hillary Clinton's message to women: Never lose your resistance

Study: Hillary Clinton’s TV ads were almost entirely policy-free


A Women's Strike Reading List.

30 books by women of color to read on International Women’s Day. TP


WATCH: Colbert hilariously honors ‘Day Without A Woman’ by imagining ‘The Late Show’ produced only by men

Encrypted Billy Bush App Used By Trump White House Staffers Suffered From Serious Security Flaws.


From Streep to McCarthy, why women are the ones getting under Trump's skin - LA Times

The myriad allegations of Trump's sexual aggression. The Politex Report

The Politex Report #1096 - DONALD TRUMP AND WOMEN: A lifetime of sleaze.

Khloe Kardashian fires back at 'cruel' Donald Trump remarks - LA Times

Trump wanted to fire women who weren't pretty enough, say employees at his California golf club - Los Angeles Times

Transcripts: What the mics caught Donald Trump saying in 2005 and what he said in his taped apology - LA Times




The Politex Report #1111 - TRUMP'S SEX TAPE MELTDOWN.