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Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross At Nexus Of Donald Trump Russian Deal | Rachel Maddow, Video | MSNBC

Trump and Russian Money Laundering: The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 2/27/2017 | MSNBC

" laundering can also be a bank thing if you know the right kind of bank to go to. A couple weeks ago, the big German bank, Deutsch Bank, they got fined $630 million for money laundering. Apparently, Deutsch Bank moved roughly $10 billion out of Russia and disguised that source of those funds, made it all looked legit. It`s all tied to some big Russians stock fraud scheme or something...

...Luckily, though, this was not just a Russia thing. This scheme did involve a Deutsch Bank office, yes, in Moscow, but also in New York. And interestingly, also in Cyprus. Stick a pin in that for a second. We will come back to Cyprus...

...Deutsch Bank takes part in this huge scam to launder Russian money, to basically smuggle billions of dollars out of Russia through its offices in Moscow and New York and Cyprus. The bank chairman from Deutsch Bank then personally ends at a bank in Cyprus. He was appointed chairman of that bank by its two largest shareholders. One of the two largest shareholders of that Bank of Cyprus is a close personal friend and business associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin. One of the other major investors in that bank, this is where it gets good, is a Russian oligarch who they call the “King of Fertilizer”... ...House of Amity, this house, was built in 2001 by a zillionaire, American zillionaire who moved from New England down to Palm Beach, Florida, but then sadly he promptly went bankrupt. While he was still Richie Rich, before he went bankrupt, he did build this astounding house. It is tens of thousands of square feet. It has 22 bathrooms...

...But Donald Trump bought it for $40 million in 2006. It sat empty for two years. And then in 2008, along comes Dmitry Rybolovlev, the “King of Fertilizer”...And Dmitry Rybolovlev turns around in 2008 and pays Donald Trump $100 million for that house, 2 1/2 times what Trump had bought it for two years earlier. Why did this guy spend $100 million on that property? I don`t know. We know he never moved in. In fact, some reporting on the sale indicates he never once set foot in it and it`s now being torn down...

...Well, the “King of Fertilizer”, Dmitry Rybolovlev, who popped $60 million neatly into Donald Trump`s pocket during this transaction, he doesn`t have much of an American profile but he does have one very important American connection. Remember I said that he`s one of the major shareholders in that Bank of Cyprus? The chairman of that bank, as I said, is the former chairman of Deutsch Bank, which just paid $630 million fine for laundering illegal Russian money.

He was installed as chairman at the Bank of Cyprus by the two vice chairman of the bank. One of the vice chairman of that bank is, as I mentioned, Vladimir Putin`s close associate. But the other vice chairman of that bank is an American. The American is in fact the single largest shareholder in that bank, that bank that includes the guy whose firm was just done for the Russian money laundering and Vladimir Putin`s very close associate. I should tell you, the vice chairman who that guy replaced was not only also a close Vladimir Putin associate, he was a guy who Putin was in the KGB with before he became Vladimir Putin.

This bank is also owned in part by the Russian “King of Fertilizer” who did this inexplicable deal that Donald Trump miraculously stumbled into, that netted him $60 million for doing basically nothing. There is one American who was in the middle of that bank, who was the single largest shareholder in that bank. There`s one American in that bank. And tonight, that American was just confirmed as our nation`s new secretary of commerce.

His name is Wilbur Ross. He`s an American businessman, long-time friend of Donald Trump. Not much experience in international banking but inexplicably ended up the majority shareholder in a Cypriot bank with all sorts of ties to Vladimir Putin and to a Russian oligarch who somehow through some intermediary, we don`t know who, ended up stuffing $60 million into Donald Trump`s wallet, paying him $100 million for something that Trump had just bought for $40 million, and that the oligarch apparently had no personal interest in whatsoever, he never even bothered living in it and maybe never even visited...

...I mean, in terms of explaining this presidency, you should know that at the time this magical deal emerged out of nowhere that put tens and millions of dollars in Donald Trump`s pocket, at that time, Donald Trump was financially having a very difficult time. It is a matter of public record that he was fighting very hard, among other things, to avoid paying off a big loan that he had with Deutsch Bank.

Deutsch Bank needs the money, that means Trump needs the money, that means Trump needs to get the money. So, it`s mysterious windfall infusion of cash from the Russian guy came at the right time for now President Trump.

Every investigative reporter in the country is trying to figure out whether there is some reason that our new president seems so beholden to Russia and to Vladimir Putin. Well, this part here, it`s not like a loose thread. This is like a rope ladder hanging down from the ceiling begging people to crawl up this and look around."