The Politex Report #1254

Bigger Than Watergate: Witch Coven Found At White House
Search Begins For Trump Team Member Not Involved
"I Did Not Have Sex With That Russian," Sessions Claims


Bush ethics lawyer: Trump's Russia scandal so far is "much worse" than the early stages of Watergate - Vox

This is the biggest scandal since Watergate – and it’s not just about Sessions, Democrat tells CNN


The Trump-Russia scandals: a quick visual guide - Vox

Jeff Sessions' Recusal Is The 'Tip of The Iceberg' On Russia. MSNBC


Obama Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking, Fearing Trump Would Destroy It. NYT

Distractin' Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ plot to wiretap Trump Tower -WP


Trump Cries 'Witch Hunt' as Russia Questions Pile Up - NBC

Trump says holding Sessions to account is "a total witch hunt." Where have we heard that before? Oh, right, Nixon.


Conservative media outlets are doing their best spin, but make no mistake: Trump's Russian ties are a major story.

‘Be careful’: GOP Intel chair warns reporters could face investigation for persisting on Sessions

GM: MSNBC's Greta still mocking those calling for resignation.


Seth Meyers to Trump: Got nothing to hide on Russia? Then release your tax returns:

Sessions Controversy Heightens Warlock Trump’s Feeling of Being Under Siege. NYT

Whatever happens to Jeff Sessions, attention will inevitably focus on Donald Trump:

Anonymous White House official tells CNN it had no knowledge of Sessions’s meeting with Russian ambassador

Trump Coven's Links to Russia Crisscross in Washington. NYT


Score Card: The web of relationships between Team Trump and Russia -WP

A Timeline of Jeff Sessions’s Trump Ties and Meetings With Russia - The New York Times

A timeline of Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn’s talks with the Russian ambassador - Vox


FBI not cooperating with House on Trump Russia investigation. MSNBC

Comey FBI not answering Congress’ questions on Russia probe: Democrat Schiff

Presumably everyone is aware that recusal in no way addresses the fact that Jeff Sessions LIED to the US Senate.

O'Donnell: Sessions perjury defense: "I don't recall." That's the 1st line they teach you Mafia school.


Campaign adviser changes story and now contradicts Trump, says Donald ordered Ukraine change at RNC

A Trump ally drastically changed his story about altering GOP platform on Ukraine


Has Anyone Donald Trump Knows NOT Shared A Romantic Hot Tub With The Russian Ambassador?

Raw Dishonesty: Easier to list Trump officials who haven’t been caught lying under oath than those who have. Krugman

"The pervasiveness of lies reflects the character of the man at the top," writes PaulKrugman


Sergey Kislyak, Russian Envoy, Cultivated Powerful Network in U.S. NYT

Moscow envoy at heart of very Washington scandal

Flynn, Sessions, etc.: This Is The Russian Ambassador Whom Trump’s Administration Kept Meeting

Sergey Kislyak, the Zelig of Trumpworld, strikes again


Jeff Sessions’s puzzling press conference: Doubletalk and open-ended answers lead to more unanswered questions. WP

Jeff Sessions Just Twisted Himself into a Pretzel: Don't expect this story to go away anytime soon.

‘Oh you meant THOSE Russians’: Twitter hammers Jeff Sessions after recusal press conference

Kislyak and Tell: What to Do With Jeff Sessions: Lock 'em up! Collins, NYT

Trump's top rivals, Clinton and Cruz, steered clear of the Russians, as did most senators — why not Sessions?


Senator Cory Booker: AG Jeff Sessions 'eroded' trust in his office. | MSNBC

Trump’s racist hypocrisy: Sessions scandal exposes double standard behind dog-whistle calls for law and order.

Six times Jeff Sessions talked about perjury, access and recusal — when it involved the Clintons -WP

Sessions has been AG for 22 days and it wasn't until reporters caught him that he recused himself.


By Jeff Sessions’s standard for lying under oath, Jeff Sessions lied under oath:

Recusal is not enough for Jeff Sessions: What about his lies to Congress under oath? TP

Democrats to Jeff Sessions: Recusal is not enough MSNBC

Beyond Recusal: Jeff Sessions Needs to Go: His infractions are as serious as Flynn's. NYT


Mini-Recusal: AG Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself Only From Investigations Into Russian Election Interference.

GM: So Sessions recusal doesn't cover all those Trump/Russia contacts and discussions after Election Day?

Maddow: Recusing himself only from campaign-related matters means he's not recusing from any (potential) investigation into Flynn lying to FBI?

Ari Melber: only a "partial recusal" because it only covers campaign period, ending on Election Day.


NYT ED: Other Than Resigning, Jeff Sessions Had No Choice. Bring On the Independent Probe.

NYT ED: Bring On the Special Prosecutor: Congress Republicans Are Compromised.

Sessions's recusal gives senators powerful leverage to demand Russia special prosecutor

Legal experts think Jeff Sessions is in a whole mess of trouble - Vox

DOJ spox says Sessions & his staff won’t be involved in discussions on appointing special prosecutor

Majority Rule Means the Power to Stop, Not Just Start, an Investigation. NYT


Three Trump Associates Who Changed Their Story (viz. lied) on Russia. NYT

What are they hiding? This tortured answer epitomizes the White House’s Russia problem -WP

Despite early denials, growing list of Trump camp contacts with Russians haunts White House -WP


Came In the Back Door: Kushner and Flynn Met With Russian Envoy in December, White House Says. NYT

Kushner, Too: White House reveals another Flynn meeting with the Russian ambassador - Vox


Late-night hosts demolish Trump administration’s Russia denials, taking jabs at Jeff Sessions -WP