The Politex Report #1253

Trump Speech: Old Whine, Broken Bottle: Education, Civil Rights, School Segregation, Economy, Taxes, Judges/Gorsuch, Obamacare/Women's Health, Crime/immigration.


Pierce: He has proposed grand solutions to imaginary problems.

Chuck Todd: He's hitting the same issues and themes he talks about at rallies but this is the first time he's used a different tone to sell his agenda

SB: The only difference between Candidate Trump speeches and President Trump speeches is the lack of 'Phantom' songs played before the latter.

The Three Donald Trumps Speak: Rants, Ignorance, and Lies. Collins, NYT

"Donald Trump is saying he’s already done a lot things as president but the truth is he’s done basically dog shit" Mojo

Funny: GOP congress members respond.


Jordan: GOP stands and claps for boosting education spending--in last 8 years, record cutting of education by these same frauds

While Trump talks about school choice, remember that his Education Secretary spent the day doing this.

One of the most disturbing things about the Trump administration is its antipathy to public schools

Trump's education secretary has spent a lifetime working to end public education as we know it

For-Profit Schools, an Obama Target, See New Day Under Ed Sec DeVos, Whose Personal Ed Investments Are Over $1 Million. NYT

Dismal Voucher Results Surprise Researchers as Voucher Queen DeVos, Enemy of Public Education, Begins War. NYT

Pierce: Education is not the civil rights issue of our time. Civil rights are the civil rights issue of our time. Again.

DeVos and vouchers are not the solutions to "the civil rights issue of our time."

School Choice is a failure. Instead fairly fund our public schools so they can help ALL children.


Forget Kellyanne Conway’s feet on the couch: Trump’s Oval Office photo op part of a black college visit gone wrong.

Trump’s administration isn’t very diverse. Photo ops make it glaringly obvious. -WP

Trump implied Frederick Douglass was alive. The abolitionist’s family offered a ‘history lesson.’ -WP

Trump Says He Heard Frederick Douglass Was Alive from Betsy DeVos. Borowitz


Trump’s racist hypocrisy: Sessions scandal exposes double standard behind dog-whistle calls for law and order.

CC: Trump using Black people as props for his agenda of police occupation in Black communities is unacceptable.

Sessions signals Justice Department will ‘pull back’ on civil rights suits against police departments

Sessions Plans to Stop Investigating Urban Police Departments.

Sessions Promises to Protect Civil Rights By Killing It; Retreating From Key Voting Rights Case.

Jeff Sessions drops DOJ lawsuit against discriminatory Texas voter ID case, reverses 6 years …

Prison Stocks Soar Under Trump As Jeff Sessions Okays Private Jails. Forbes

NYT ED: President Trump Breaks a Promise on Transgender Rights: Sessions is against LGBT, Immigrant, Voter rights.

AG Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Understand How Crime Works. Salon

Jeff Sessions Foreshadowed New Immigration Crackdown in a Memo Before Becoming Attorney General. DN

Jeff Sessions Ain’t Know Why Y’all Think Texas Was Tryin’ To Discriminate When Racism Is Over And All. Wonkett


A Betsy DeVos press release celebrated Jim Crow education system as pioneer of "school choice":

Betsy DeVos Lauds Segregation For Helping Blacks Set Up Excellent Colleges All For Themselves -

‘Welcome to the Trump plantation’: Historically black college vandalized after Betsy DeVos gaffe

Betsy DeVos sparks ire by linking historically black colleges with 'school choice'

Trump's call for "school choice" to be overseen by Betsy "HCBU" DeVos? This is risible.

Greg Mitchell: Waiting for Betsy DeVos--or Sessions--to claim that "Negro only" drinking fountains in the south just provided "more choices."


Reminder: Trump inherited a pretty healthy economy. Thanks, Obama:

Fact check: Trump’s tax plan is not designed to primarily help the middle class.

NARAL: Trump: We’ll replace ACA w something “great” Translation: Fewer women, men& families covered at higher cost

Trump suggested corporations are crushed by high taxes. WRONG! Not true:

Wonkette: Trump is advocating adoption of mid-19th-century economic policies. What an innovator!

YJC: Trump wants no regulations so that he and his billionaire friends can get rich- He'll rip off American ppl & poison our planet

Trump says “massive tax relief for middle class.” Under campaign plan, 51% of single parents see tax hike

Rep. Lee: Trump’s smoke & mirrors on poverty: redirecting funds from anti-poverty programs to rich defense contractors.

Behind Trump's economic fear-mongering are the facts: the unemployment rate has halved since 2009

Don't be fooled. Trump's jobs plan would bankrupt the manufacturing industry.

Trump said 94 million Americans are out of work. DKThomp explains here why that # is a total mischaracterization

Rep. Lee: Some of the biggest beneficiaries of TaxReform would be the billionaires in the Trump Cabinet. We won’t stand for this corporate cronyism.

IGC: Trump's tax plan isn't designed to help middle class. 6.6% of plan goes to middle class, 47.3% goes to top 1%, 25% goes to top 0.1%.

RW: The Trump tax plan is historic only in the scale of its giveaway to the wealthy and the corporations

Trump's tax reform plan won't really reform anything

Most big corps pay tax at half the formal rate and many pay ZERO.

Ivanka Trump is trying to sell Congress on her regressive child-care tax deduction:

Another Trump Lie: Do environmental regulations reduce employment? Not really. - Vox


Trump's SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch, is pay-off to the religious right

Onion: Pence Passing Time During Trump’s Speech By Mentally Baptizing Senators

Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court pick, explained his worldview in this 2016 speech:

PFAW: Given Donald Trump’s first month in office, independent and impartial federal judges are needed now more than ever. StopGorsuch.

PFAW: Four years of Trump is bad enough. Confirming Gorsuch to SCOTUS would mean Trump’s agenda for life.

IG: Gorsuch would continue SCOTUS's trend of ruling in favor of corporations and against American workers & consumers.


More than 23 million people could lose coverage if Obamacare is repealed. The superrich will get a $197,000 tax cut

Kristof: Obamacare had genuine problems. But it was in no death spiral. If it collapses on Trump’s watch, it’s not of natural causes. It’s murder.

Leonhardt: Why can't the GOP come up with a replacement? Obamacare is more conservative than Clinton's plan, Nixon's or LBJ's.

Republican leaders are now paying the price for their dishonest approach to fighting Obamacare

Trump says Obamacare "is collapsing." Here's what he's getting wrong:

Steve Rattner: Trump cherry picks AZ and other states where premiums have gone up too much. Here's the reality.

NARAL: Thanks to ACA, Being a women is no longer considered a "pre-existing condition." Trump wants to end that.

If Trump is truly invested in improving women's health, he must repeal the global gag rule

MO: When POTUS reinstated the Mexican City rule, hurting women's access to healthcare around world:

Kristof: Trump talks of investing “in women’s health”!!! His global gag rule slashes funds to NGO’s that save women's lives

Fact check: Allowing insurers to sell across state lines does NOT increase competition.

CC: Selling insurance across state lines would only lets insurance companies to offer bare minimum instead of real care.

Trump says we should "invest in women's health," but has pledged to only nominate anti-choice SCOTUS justices.

Is increasing average health care costs by $4k a year what Trump meant when he said he’d fight for working families?

The ACA is much, much more popular than Donald Trump.

PC: Only solution to lower health care expense is end private insurance. Trump wants to double down on problem . SinglePayer

BK: President Trump is going to find out the hard way that you can't tell someone who just lost their health insurance that it's "fake news."


To argue for stricter vetting of immigrants, Trump invokes attacks carried out by U.S. citizens

NARAL: Trump: "Let's support victims of crime"—meanwhile, he's cutting $ for violence against women programs

Fact check: Trump's claim on violent crime

Kristof: And since 1975, jihadis from 7 banned countries have killed 0 Americans in US--while guns killed 1.34 million

Trump’s own businesses, which rely on immigrant labor, won’t be affected by his visa restrictions

TP: The US already has a merit based immigration system - more so than most Western countries who admit far more refugees than the US

Trump’s mass deportation policy would reduce GDP by $434 BILLION a year: #JointAddress