The Politex Report #1252

Presidential? Fantasy Speech Hides Dirty Air/Water/Coal, Pipe Dreams, DC Swamp, Few Jobs, More Violence, Private Prisons, Muslim Ban, Real Terrorists, No Foreign Policy.


Should Read: Donald Trump, Master of Low Expectations: Promises to stop Bigfoot. (Applause) Rosenthal, NYT

Salesman-in-Chief: You can have all the cake you want, and lose weight, too! POLITICO

NYT ED: Visions of Trumptopia: Gauzy promises but no idea how to pay for them.

Blah, Blah, Blah: Trump Offers ‘Miracles,’ but Few Details on How to Achieve Them. NYT

Fact check: Trump's address to Congress - 10 Distortions. NC


NYT ED: Now, About That Role as Commander in Chief: Trump is clueless, insecure, and untrustworthy.


Plays one on TV: Press falls in line behind Trump’s “presidential” farce.

‘The sickness of this man’: Michael Moore blasts Trump for ‘record applause’ boast as grieving widow wept

Donald Trump, pseudo-president: Media embraces his latest “pivot” like the proverbial drunk under a streetlight.

Presidential: Trump "didn't talk about his dick or restart his feud with Rosie O'Donnel."

Unpresidential Address: Ruthless Tribalism. Slate


Pierce: This is the same speech he gave two days ago, with some really bad metaphors added.

"Apparently Trump is going to suggest that we can cure all of our diseases if we just clap hard enough.”

Chris Hayes: Just got guidance from the WH that tonight's speech is to be attributed to a Senior Administration Official.

Obama holdover and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is the designated survivor during Trump's speech


Once again, many of these companies he's talking about had planned to create jobs here before Trump was elected:

Michael Moore: Now the lying begins w/ his "jobs" creation since Jan20. Please-is there a network who'll run a crawl w/ the facts @ the bottom of screen?

CC: Trump promising thousands of jobs while targeting millions of Americans w/ policies to immiserate and marginalize communities.


An investor in the Dakota Access Pipeline himself, Donald Trump is extending this cruelty.

Trump says pipelines will bring thousands of jobs. False. Keystone will create only 35 permanent jobs. p://

Jordan: Trump just lied---DAPL and KeystoneXL WILL NOT create tens of thousands of jobs

Trump has absolutely not directed all new pipelines to be made with American steel. He's just asked for a "study."

Pierce: The pipes for Keystone are not made in America.


Democrats laugh at Trump’s claim he is draining the swamp. Guardian

PA: Limiting lobbyist coming from Washington is redundant when Trump brought corporate Boardroom to his SwampCabinet

Trump reups his pledge to "drain the swamp," drawing a few laughs in the chamber

Rep. Lee: Trump has the richest cabinet in history, with a record number of billionaires. How exactly is that draining the swamp?

Trump talks of "draining the swamp" tho his Air Force pick refuses to say why she earned so much cash #JointAddress

Trump says he is draining the swamp. His cabinet of big donors says otherwise.

PC: Trump so-called lobby ban actually opens door for lobbyists to enter govt, rolling back Obama progress

Fact Check: Trump's bans on Lobbying

LF: Audible chuckling when POTUS touts anti-corruption record. No wonder.


Northern hemisphere sees in early spring due to global warming

Trump Says He Loves Clean Air and Water, But Just Not For You. Mojo

Trump Just Signed an Executive Order That Will Make Our Water Less Safe.

Flint residents must start paying for water they still can’t drink without a filter WP

Remembering a City Where the Smog Could Kill: NYC again, with a Trump-weakened EPA. NYT


Coal companies want to be seen as clean-energy players even amid new support for fossil fuels.

Trump is eager to let coal companies pollute streams without telling the public #JointSession

AR: Yes, allow coal cos to dump waste in the rivers -- that will really help miners & their families?

Saving coal is one promise Donald Trump won’t be able to keep #JointSession


In Move Recalling Nazi-Era Policies, Trump to Create Office to Track Crimes Committed by Immigrants. DN

Disgusting: No, Immigrants Are Not on a Crime Spree Against Native-Born Americans


Trump wants to take action on Chicago gun violence, but his likely approach would make things worse.

In fact, few American industries have profited as hugely since Trump's election as private prisons


Rep. Lee: Trump’s cruel MuslimBan doesn’t make us safer. It threatens our standing in the world & is inherently un-American.

Trump's America is great for holidays – if you enjoy vigorous frisking by men in uniform | Guardian

Truthdig: Uh, how many "allies in the Muslim world" do we have left, now?

EM: It's not extreme vetting, it's extreme xenophobia.

CJ: Even leaving aside white terrorists like Dylan Roof et al, the most deadly terror acts since 9/11 were by citizens and legal residents.


Trump says bad people are being kicked out. No one opposes deporting violent criminals. But look who he's deporting

Addicted to heroin? Trump says blame the Mexicans and build a wall

ACLU: Border communities are already among the safest in the nation and want no part of Trump's wall fantasy.

The cost of Trump's mass deportation policy? It would reduce GDP by $434 BILLION a year:


Who invented Trump's ISIS plan? Obama.

Trump’s new national security adviser says to avoid phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.” Trump ignored advice in speech.

Trump ignored new national security chief’s request not to rant about ‘radical Islamic terrorism’: report

Donald Trump, all of Islam is not our enemy. Acting as such will not make us safe


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