The Politex Report #1251

"100% BS": Trump's Campaign Speech To Disjointed Congress:
Combined Bannon's Hate With Priebus' Tone, Plus Human Props.

A feel-good fantasy speech filled with lies and misinformation, contradicting Trump's actions, explained by Maddow: Trump delivers policy speeches written by others, and learns what his polices are. Here's commentary on the major issues, continued tomorrow. --JP


Trump’s Speech to Congress Was Oblivious to Reality. New Republic

Trump's Congress speech was a heroic effort in contradiction and cliche. Guardian

Donald Trump’s speech to Congress was just another reflection of his defilement of our institutions. Slate

Rep. Lee: Trump hasn't unleashed a “renewal of American spirit.” He's provoked a rising tide of hate, egged on by his rhetoric


Olbermann: "If you're going to tweet the words restraint, moderation, reset, pivot or presidential, DeleteYourAccount. That was 100% hateful Bullshit."

Maher: How bout that Donald Trump tonight! Home run, I say! And so presidential - on the way out, he didn't grab a single pussy!

NARAL: Trump wants "streets where mothers are safe from fear." Reminder: A man who bragged about assaulting women is President.

Bill Maher on Trump: "It's like having Joan Crawford as president."

TF: It's amazing how Paul Ryan can do all that repeated sitting and standing with no spine.


SJ: "The time for trivial fights is over." Even Paul Ryan had to smile at that one.

SB: "The time for trivial fights is behind us" produces *audible laughter*.


@JoyAnnReid if all one has to do is speak calmly to be a success at this point the bar can't possibly get any lower for @POTUS at this point

Reid: Reading slowly and not yelling also gets hm mad praise. Go figure.

The bar for Trump is so low that being duplicitous is now being presidential.

Trump shows he can give a boring political speech — and that really excites Republicans

IM: This speech is very well crafted to make Chris Cillizza, Joe Scarborough, and Mark Halperin declare Trump to be Greater Than Lincoln.


Fact-checking President Trump’s address to Congress: 12 Statements, 12 Lies. WP

Here's a fact check of Trump's JointAddress from his hometown paper: 10 Misleading, 4 Lies, 1 True.

Reid: Trump said tonight that his deportation force is removing "gang members and drug dealers" AKA moms at soccer games & brain surgery patients.


The two most debased moments of Donald Trump’s speech to Congress: Yemen Mother and the new VOICE office. Slate


JW: Trump sent a soldier off to die in a half-baked raid and then used his grieving widow as a prop. I'm still processing this.

We're sure glad Trump won't paper over screwed-up Yemen raid by exploiting sacrifice of William “Ryan” Owens.

Southpaw: He sent the man to his death w/o appreciating the risks, refuses to acknowledge responsibility, and lies about the outcome of the mission.

Kristof: I'm still troubled by Trump's exploitation of the death of Ryan Owens. Especially when family members of US soldiers can be deported.

Trump shamelessly deceived the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL about the failed Yemen raid -- and the media fell for it.

Reid: It's laughable to laud Trump for a moment that belonged to the widow, when he rushed the op, blamed others & his praise was for the applause

Hunter: I presume all these people applauding the death of a SEAL will approve the investigation into his death that his father is asking for.

Kristof: Takes gall for Trump to hail Ryan Owens, the SEAL killed in Yemen, when Owens' father refers to the "stupid mission"

RB: Father of William 'Ryan' Owens, SEAL killed in Yemen: 'Don't hide behind my son's death'

Meet William Owens, a veteran, and father of Ryan Owens, the Navy SEAL killed in Trump's ridiculous raid in Yemen.

Reid: Mark Shields on PBS just called Trump's invocation of Ryan Owens in his address "incredibly self-serving."

EW: "We will never forget Ryan" but just 6 hours ago I was absolving myself of any responsibility.

All the praise Trump is getting for the Owens widow moment ignores the fact that Trump, the Commander-in-Chief, blamed his generals for her husband's death.

Trump passes blame for Yemen raid to his generals: "They lost Ryan"

Trump just blamed the military for the botched Yemen raid. That's a disgrace.

Krugman: Truman: the buck stops here Trump: the buck stops someplace else, because I'm perfect -- but the actual bucks go to me and my family

Not once did Trump take responsibility for the mission, during which "almost everything went wrong"

Presidents have always taken responsibility for military raids gone bad — but Trump is blaming others.

Father of SEAL killed in botched Yemen raid denounces the president.

Trump Once Again Covers Up His Own Failure on Yemen Raid.

Pierce: Good god, he's justifying the Yemen fck up. He sold out the generals on this yesterday.

Raid on Yemen that left Navy SEAL dead yielded no significant intelligence, U.S. officials tell NBC News

Trump acknowledges Navy SEAL widow, but criticism on botched Yemen operation mounts

The White House called the Yemen raid a success, but the video Pentagon released had been posted online years earlier:

MT: Given his fanfare over the horror show Yemen raid, disconcerting to imagine what Trump PR would look like in a large-scale military conflict


P: Trump announced he's creating the office of Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement (Voice) -creating an institution out of his lies about immigrants.

Codepink: Where is the VOICE for victims of police brutality?

AC: Remember that immigrants commit crimes at a LOWER rate than citizens.

Domestic Workers: Trump painting picture of immigrants as criminals, not as hardworking families, communities & ppl that contribute to U.S.

NYIC: What Trump is doing is extremely divisive - he is painting a picture of all immigrants as "criminals." This is untrue.

TM: Groans from Dems as Trump announces "Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement" -- Republicans, do not stand for this

Reid: Ok Trump said he's creating something called VOICE - Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement... was that laughter or were those groans?

BW: Special new unit of White House (Voice) dedicated to terrifying the public by scapegoating immigrants

Codepink: Shameful! Trump spreading hate for immigrants with VOICE: Victims of immigration crime engagement

P: Using victims of crime to justify your racism is just taking your racism to a whole other level.

Jordan: Trump puts up families of victims of undocumented criminals as props-won't be seeing mass shooter victims fams

AC: Shameless exploitation of crime victims to justify abuse of immigrant families.

In his first address, Trump demonizes immigrants with a smile

Trump was so busy attacking immigrants he barely acknowledged hate crimes

"Every jihadist who carried out a lethal attack in the U.S. since 9/11 was a citizen or legal resident."

Olbermann: Trump wouldn't say the truth in his speech. It's a Muslim Ban, It's a Hispanic Purge, It's Trump's Gestapo

Reid:Trump said tonight that his deportation force is removing "gang members and drug dealers" AKA moms at soccer games & brain surgery patients.

Reid: But Trump's goal is for his base to feel good about the deportations, and to see justice even if their eyes tell them they see cruelty.


more tomorrow...