The Politex Report #1250

Sick Hypocrite In WH Relies On Anonymous Sources, Fake News:
Trump Has A History Of Impersonation To Brag About Himself

With Trump's hypocritical attack on the press for using anonymous sources, just like he does in the White House, writers are reminded of Trump bragging to reporters over the phone, pretending to be someone else. Then lying about it. It's all in the family: Trump's father did the same thing as "Mr. Green," and Trump's son has the same name as one of his alter-egos, "Mr. Barron." --JP


"Back in the ’70s and ’80s, with a shameless talent for self-aggrandizement untethered to fact, Trump was able to turn himself into a celebrity. Like his mentor Roy Cohn, Trump learned to manipulate his coverage in the New York tabloids. He even came up with two alter egos, John Barron and John Miller, so he could masquerade as his own p.r. agent and spin tall tales about Madonna and Carla Bruni craving him.

“Posing as John Miller, he used to ask to go on and off the record when talking about girls lusting after Donald,” recalls Sue Carswell, who dealt with both Trump and his fake spinmeister when she was at People during l’affaire Marla Maples.

It doesn’t seem to have sunk in with Trump that he can’t manipulate the press as easily today. He’s the president. When he exaggerates and makes things up now, it has global consequences and subverts American values. It is not like whispering lies about which famous women are panting for him."

--Our President, John Miller: Trump vs. Press: Crazy, Stupid Love. Dowd, NYT


“I’m against the people that make up stories and make up sources,” Mr. Trump said. “They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name. Let their name be put out there. Let their name be put out.”

“He used to be the one leaking!” Ms. Stasi pointed out on Friday from her office at The Daily News, where she is a columnist. “He was leaking about himself. He would call up with fake accents and pretend it wasn’t him. He would tell us 100 times: ‘Now listen, I’m going to tell you something, but it didn’t come from me.’”

Mr. Trump, who taunted his blind-quoted critics on Friday — “Let ’em say it to my face!” — hid his own identity to push self-promoting stories in the 1980s, posing as his own public-relations man under the fake names John Miller and John Barron.

--Rosebud: Dishonest Donald (John Miller) Trump Ruled the NYC Tabloid Media. Washington Is a Different Story. NYC


Mika runs audio tape of "infantile" Trump pretending to be John Miller. Trump keeps fighting the media with lies.


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