The Politex Report #1249

"Deconstructing" Bannon: His Nerdy BS Hides His War Plans

While salesman Trump rapes America of its riches for personal gain, Priebus leads the Republican legislative war against the poor and middle class, and alt-right Bannon works to destroy Western democracy in the name of a people's revolution and thinks a war will get us there quicker. How long will it take the nation to understand the contradictions between these three horsemen of the apocalypse? At CPAC Priebus and Bannon attempted to con the conservatives into thinking they are getting along, while Trump talked out of both sides of his mouth, parroting the talking points of both men in his trademark gibberish. --JP


"Deconstruction is a name commonly associated with philosopher Jacques Derrida's critical outlook over the relationship between text and meaning...

Derrida's original use of the word "deconstruction" was a translation of Destruktion, a concept from the work of Martin Heidegger that Derrida sought to apply to textual reading. Heidegger's term referred to a process of exploring the categories and concepts that tradition has imposed on a word, and the history behind them.

Basic philosophical concerns

Derrida's concerns flow from a consideration of several issues:

  1. A desire to contribute to the re-evaluation of all Western values, built on the 18th-century Kantian critique of reason, and carried forward to the 19th century, in its more radical implications, by Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.
  2. An assertion that texts outlive their authors, and become part of a set of cultural habits equal to, if not surpassing, the importance of authorial intent.
  3. A re-valuation of certain classic western dialectics: poetry vs. philosophy, reason vs. revelation, structure vs. creativity, episteme vs. techne, etc.

To this end, Derrida follows a long line of modern philosophers, who look backwards to Plato and his influence on the Western metaphysical tradition.

Like Nietzsche, Derrida suspects Plato of dissimulation in the service of a political project, namely the education, through critical reflections, of a class of citizens more strategically positioned to influence the polis. However, like Nietzsche, Derrida is not satisfied merely with such a political interpretation of Plato, because of the particular dilemma modern humans find themselves stuck in. His Platonic reflections are inseparably part of his critique of modernity, hence the attempt to be something beyond the modern, because of this Nietzschian sense that the modern has lost its way and become mired in nihilism."

--Deconstruction - Wikipedia


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