The Politex Report #1247

Dems Declare War As Trump Distracts From Collusion Allegations:
Outlaws Press Critics, Readies Private Prisons, Threatens Nuke Race

In his continuing attempt to distract the nation from what is shaping up to be campaign collusion between the Trump team and the Russians who manipulated the US presidential election, Trump has upped the ante in his war on the press, has struck down Obama's ban against private prisons, and has threatened to start another nuclear race. --JP


Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence And FBI Has the Records: 4 Officials. NYT

Trump administration sought to enlist intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories - WP

Trump aides were in constant touch with senior Russian officials during campaign: FBI CNN

Reports: U.S. Intercepted Calls Between Trump Campaign Staff And Russian Intelligence : NPR

According to NYT, Trump Aides Spoke With Russian Intelligence Before the Election. The Atlantic


Report: White House Asked Intel Officials, Lawmakers to Downplay Russia Stories

FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories - CNN

Trump has the power to declassify whatever intercepts exist of his associates talking to Russian officials. Will he?


Collusion With Russia: White House Offers Excuse For Its Improper Behavior: The FBI Started It. Mojo

Tyrant Trump Intensifies His Attacks on Journalists and Condemns F.B.I. Whistleblowers as 'Leakers’ NYT

WP ED: A note to the White House and FBI: Politics and justice should not mix.


Coffee Party: Weakened Democrats Bow to Voters, Opting for Total War on Trump. NYT

Senate Dems seek independent probe of Russia's ties to Trump. NJ

Forget about “reaching out” to Trump voters, Democrats — that’s a pointless, self-destructive strategy


Trump Denounces F.B.I. Over Leaks, Demanding Investigation. Ignores Findings Pointing to Campaign Collusion. NYT

Trump Lashes Out at "Fake News Media" and Anonymous Sources Like Donald Trump at Conservative Gathering. Mojo

White House forced to defend Priebus contact with FBI about reports linking Trump camp to Russia. (Priebus is often a WH anonymous source.)| Fox News


In December, Spicer said barring media access is what a ‘dictatorship’ does. Today, he barred media access. -WP

NYT ED: Spicer Bars the WH Press Corps From the WH. Said Trump Administrarion was a "dictatorship." Bigger, empty press room down hall.

War Declared: WH Bars Times and Others From Spicer Briefing, While Allowing Fake News and Conservative Outlets NYT

The White House makes room for Breitbart by kicking out the New York Times, CNN

Trump press ban: BBC, CNN Guardian, NYT, LAT, etc. denied access to briefing. Guardian

It appears the Trump administration has declared war on media outlets that refuse to serve as his stenographers...

"Today’s White House Press Briefing Only For Journalists Who Lick Trump’s Ass." Wonkette

Is It Legal For Trump to Ban Reporters at Press Briefings? CNN says no.

"Democracy Dies in Darkness": The Washington Post’s new slogan turns out to be an old saying. WP

Trump attack on press is 'biggest threat to democracy' says ex-Navy Seal chief


Trump proposes another arms race: “If countries are going to have nukes, we’re going to be at the top of the pack”


Trump administration sets sights on state recreational marijuana laws.


Session's Justice Department rescinds Obama order phasing out use of private prisons - LA Times

Trump's Department Of Justice Just Announced It Will Start Using Private Prisons Again

NYT ED: Under Trump, Private Prisons Will Thrive, where violence is common, and undermonitored guards act with impunity.

Sessions memo: Reversal on private prisons could portend shift on justice, observers say. CSM


Private prison stocks up 100% since Trump's win - Feb. 24, 2017

The prison industry stands to benefit from Trump's crackdown on the border - LA Times

Prison Inc.: Trump Immigration busts a boon for America's biggest private lockup - CBS News

Trump’s New Immigration Crackdown Has Private Prison Investors Salivating

Donald Trump's new immigration crackdown hailed by biggest private prisons firms | The Independent

School to Prison Pipeline: Mass Incarceration in the USA | Amnesty International USA

Let’s Pretend Justice Department’s Reversal On Private Prisons Isn’t Just Big Payoff For Campaign Cash


The New Yorker's Next Cover Says Everything You Need to Know About Trump and Russia.