The Politex Report #1246

Trump's Sex Discrimination: Democracy Is About Protecting Us All


"Yesterday, the Trump administration rescinded Title IX guidance on how schools could avoid unlawful discrimination against transgender students. The joint letter that rescinded the guidance, signed by Sandra Battle of the Department of Education and T.E. Wheeler II of the Department of Justice, claims the departments need to "more completely consider the legal issues involved."

This move is damaging and cruel. It will endanger and hurt trans youth in their daily lives. It will feed the school-to-prison pipeline. Long term, it would exacerbate the already high rates of homelessness, unemployment and suicide in trans communities. Fortunately, Trump is far from the final word.

Why the Guidance Mattered

The most well known part of the now-rescinded guidance addresses bathroom access for trans students. The guidance improved safety and bathroom access by clarifying that schools may not prohibit trans girl students from using girls' bathrooms, trans boy students from using boys' bathrooms or trans students from using multi-occupancy bathrooms.

But that is not all it did. It also pointed out the following:

The Trump administration's joint letter rescinded the entire guidance, not only the portion about bathrooms."

--Trump's Anti-Trans Action Affects Way More Than Bathroom Access


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