The Politex Report #1245

Donald Trump: Crazed Uncle Or Petulant Child, Or Both?

The more Trump talks, the lower his approval ratings. His White House team is trying to shut him up. Do we want a President who is kept in the attic? --JP


Trump staffers work to control childish President's Twitter habit | MSNBC

Unfit: Leaks Suggest Trump's Own Team Is Alarmed By His Conduct | Huffington Post

Trump's been quieter lately. Is that a trend? (Or is he on medication?)-CSM


Thomas Friedman: Who Is President? Trump's crazy comments have been 'very worrisome' | MSNBC

Japan’s interpreters struggle to make sense of grade-school level 'Trumpese' without appearing stupid. The Japan Times


Trapped in Trump’s Brain "spewing a torrent of chaos, cruelty, confusion, farce and transfixing craziness." Dowd NYT

It's Pretty Sad That the President of the United States Needs to Watch Briefing Videos Like This One.


A psych assessment of Donald Trump and what it says about our civic culture « Minding the Workplace

NYT LETTER: Mental Health Professionals Warn About Trump

"In 26 Years, I've Never Seen Anything Like This" White House Leaks Reportedly Reveal Trump Manic Depressive | Zero

Is Donald Trump A Narcissist -- Or A Bully? Here's What Psychologists Say | Huffington Post


Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill? "Common sense" says yes, but other Presidents without nukes were deranged NYT


George W Bush's senior adviser describes Donald Trump as mentally unwell | The Independent

Nancy Pelosi Suggests Donald Trump Get His Mental Health Checked | Huffington


In Trump’s Volleys, Echoes of Alex Jones’s Toxic Conspiracy Theories. NYT

Stephen Colbert explains Alex Jones, President Trump’s “CAPS LOCK” adviser


Too soon? What comes of Democratic talk of impeaching Trump. CSM

How Can We Get Rid of Trump? Impeachment or the 25th Unlikely, But half the nation thinks he's unfit.


Democrats Suggest Invoking The 25th Amendment Unless Trump "Gets A Grip" | Zero Hedge

Take the 25th: "After a month in office, Donald Trump has already proved himself unable to discharge his duties" NY

Congressman urges review of US constitution 25th Amendment because of Donald Trump's 'erratic behaviour' Telegraph


President Trump is losing his war with the media just by showing up. WP

John Oliver examines the roots of Donald Trump’s lies, because “Trump’s reality can chang within a single sentence."

John Oliver to other countries: no, we don’t know what Trump is talking about either - Vox


Gallup: Trump One-Month Approval Rating (40%) Lower Than Other Presidents - NBC News

Trump Job Approval 21 Points Below Presidential Average at One-Month Mark | Gallup

Polls: Trump's approval ratings after first month (38+40%) are historically low - AOL News


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse says “fewer than half” of GOP senators think Trump will "make it through his presidency."

Trump’s ghostwriter suspects The Donald is a sociopath « Minding the Workplace


A majority of Americans are embarrassed by President Trump - WP

Much of America despises Trump; but Republicans still on board. A very weird and troubling situation


2020: Daily Cartoon: Tuesday, February 21st - The New Yorker