The Politex Report #1242

President Trump's First Hitler Rally

When BIG BUSH LIES was published over a decade ago, the word "lies" was never used by the mainstream media to describe a US President's words. Instead, words like "error" or "misstatement" were used. Today under Trump, "lies" is the coinage of the realm.

Similarly, to describe Trump, the mainstream media uses "authoritarian" in place of "dictator." John McCain stepped out of the verbal box this weekend, suggesting that Trump's "enemy of the people" comment is the kind of thing dictators say. Today, Joe Scarborough, went further, describing Trump's Friday rally as going the "full Mussolini." If a child asks you, "Who's Mussolini?" just answer, "He was a fascist dictator, just like Hitler."

When dictators are caught in major misdeeds, they distract the citizenry with bread and a circus of lies and misinformation.

--Jerry Politex


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