The Politex Report #1241

Kellyanne Conway Is Toast, News Shows Ban Her, Trump Mum.

(Plus Ivankagate.)


Mika Issues Ultimatum: 'Morning Joe’ Bans Kellyanne Conway.

MorningJoe's hosts have blacklisted Conway, citing her overall lack of credibility on television news programs

‘Morning Joe’ Torches Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Blatantly False,’ ‘Blathering’ ‘Lies’

‘She will say she’s been victimized’: Scarborough crushes rogue Kellyanne Conway’s pattern of lying. Raw


Kellyanne Conway's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Joe And Mika Just Turned On Lying Kellyanne Conway Like A Couple Of Heathers -


Even Kellyanne Conway Can't Spin Michael Flynn's Sudden Resignation. Mojo

Matt Lauer re Flynn Resignation: “Kellyanne, that makes no sense”

Feb. 14: Kellyanne Conway Lied Again: Flynn Has ‘Full Confidence of the President’ Mediaite


Kellyanne Conway to do fewer TV appearances after leaks allege she’s been backstabbing Sean Spicer

Spicer Claims CNN Walked Back Comments On Kellyanne Conway, CNN Immediately Debunks Him | Mediaite

CNN to Spicer Lies: We are concerned about Conway's credibility - POLITICO


Lie House Claims CNN Retracted Concerns About Conway's 'Credibility' (It Didn't) TPM

Conway is seen within the White House as a “queen without an army,” according to a former campaign official

How Kellyanne Conway became Trump’s Chief Liar. WP


Kellyanne Conway crumbles under the weight of her own lies

Kellyanne Conway Needs Our Thoughts And Prayers Right Now, Y’all -

Things are so dire, people are feeling sympathy for Kellyanne Conway, Collins, NYT


The Downfall of Kellyanne Conway: Fake feminist liar. NYT

Ivanka Trump talks women in business at White House as her own brand falters


Kellyanne Conway Claims She Doesn't Know Who Retweeted A White Nationalist From Her Twitter Account - BuzzFeed

Conway Retweets Self-Proclaimed White ‘Nationalist’, Claims She Doesn’t Know Who Used Her Account | Mediaite


A university takes on one of its own, alumna Kellyanne Conway: Says she manipulates facts, encouages injustice. WP


Analysis: What exactly is Ivanka Trump doing?

Trump Assails Nordstrom for ‘Unfairly’ Dropping His Daughter Ivanka’s Line. NYT

For Ivanka Trump's brand, Nordstrom may be tip of the iceberg. CBS

Ivanka Trump talks women in business at White House as her own brand falters


Ivankagate: In a rare bipartisan move, Republicans and Democrats unite to condemn Kellyanne Conway's remarks

Ethics office calls on White House to probe Conway's promo of Ivanka's biz

WH Trump Marketing: Ethics Watchdog Denounces Conway’s Endorsement of Ivanka Trump Products. NYT

White House says Conway has been ‘counseled’ after touting Ivanka Trump’s products - WP

Rep. Lieu on Kellyanne Conway: White House Should Not Be Used for Enriching the President’s Family. DN

Kellyanne Conway is in hot water over Ivanka brand promotion. CSM


Ivankagate: Daily Cartoon: Friday, February 10th - The New Yorker