The Politex Report #1238

Dictator Trump Ups Attacks On Whistleblowers and Press to Hide Misdeeds, Lies and Corruption

Must View: A massive purge of intel community, leakers coming: Trump WH wants to take control of spies. MSNBC

Also, WH Plans Inexperienced Trump/Bannon DynCorp Billionaire Review of Intel Agencies: Intel Community Suspects WH Takeover. NYT


If you look at sham democratic dictatorships throughout the world, Turkey, China, Russia, etc. those dictators stir up their base with lies, take control of the military, and destroy governmental checks and balances: political parties through voting, the press, and the courts. Trump's Amerika is another example, and transparency will get worse, once his cabinet digs in. That's why today's scandal is so important. It may very well be democracy's last chance. --JP


"If the boss — in this case Trump — is a pathological liar who forces underlings to repeat and bolster his lies, what signal does that send to everyone else who works in that environment?"

--Drip, Drip, Drip: Trump's House of Lies Is Crumbling. Blow, NYT


"Whether you are in government or the private sector, if you become aware of behavior that you believe is unethical, illegal, or damaging to the public interest, consider sharing your information securely with us...

Access journalism — where reporters treat business and government officials as arbiters of truth — is a discredited model. Whistleblower-based journalism is far better suited to the challenges facing the press and the public today."

--If You See Something, Leak Something — The Intercept


Hypocrite Trump praised leaks about US official (Sec of State Clinton) but denounces leaks about US official (WH Adviser Flynn). CNN Host

Trump loved WikiLeaks against Obama administration during the campaign, but he's not so fond of leaks as president.

After Election, Trump’s Professed Love for Leaks Quickly Faded. NYT


Trump Denounces ‘Low-Life Leakers,’ Pledging to Hunt Them Down, but calls the published results "fake news." NYT

Flynn Was Brought Down by Illegal Leaks to News Media, Trump Says. NYT

Trump implies all administration leaks are "illegal." This is not true: Jeffrey Toobin. Carl Bernstein: Our democracy depends upon leaks. CNN

Trump attacks leaks as they become a gusher - Feb. 15, 2017 CNN

Distraction: Republicans call for leak investigation after Flynn fallout - CNN


Flynn Brought Down by Illegal Leaks to Media, Trump Says; Leakers "trying to cover up for a terrible loss...Clinton.”

Trump’s bogus claim that intelligence report says Russia didn’t impact the 2016 election outcome - Jan 7, WP

Netanyahu threatens to polygraph ministers over leaks ahead of Trump meeting. Raw


Distrust in Trump’s White House spurs leaks, confusion - POLITICO

Excerpt: Intel Keeps Intelligence From Trump: Decision to withhold information underscores deep mistrust of WH leaking to Russia. WSJ

"We should not — and cannot — trust this man." A CIA vet on Trump's feud with US spies.

Olbermann: Amateur hour: Trump complains of "illegal leaks" - after reviewing North Korea missile Intel at his Bushwood Club


The leakers who exposed Gen. Flynn's lie committed serious — and wholly justified — felonies. Intercept

Any leak that results in the exposure of high-level wrongdoing should be praised. Here's how to leak to us:

With Flynn leaks, the White House shadow warriors draw first blood | TheHill

Leaks, like the ones that did in Michael Flynn, are a great American tradition - LA Times


Katy Kay, MSNBC: To be clear to viewers around the world, in the last 3 press conferences, Trump has ONLY called on conservative news outlets for questions

Trump only taking questions from conservative media at pressers. No Flynn questions from conservative reporters. Trump attacks mainstream. Ignores shouted questions re Flynn. CNN

CNN’s Jim Acosta slams Trump for ducking Russia questions by only calling on right-wing news outlets


F. Foer: I've never been more clobbered for a story than when I suggested communication between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo taunts Trump: ‘He does not want to talk to us, but he does want to talk about us’

‘This guy has to read a book!’: CNN panel erupts over Trump’s attacks on the media, intel community

‘These are facts’: CNN’s Jake Tapper humiliates Trump for calling news reports ‘conspiracy theories’


Should Read: The media IS the opposition party, and it's not just leaks. Axios

Journalists, Battered and Groggy, Find a Renewed Sense of Mission in Reporting Trump Lies and Misdeeds. NYT