The Politex Report #1237

Flynn Felony, Campaign Collusion, Leaky Trump: Indy Probe Needed

For two weeks, President Trump gave Russian-compromised Michael Flynn access to classified government information, although Trump had been warned by the FBI that Flynn might be subject to blackmail for his discussions with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, discussions that had taken place since and during the presidential campaign.

In contrast, Obama's intel briefing team withheld relevant information from Trump and Flynn, once Obama was warned about Flynn's compromised activities. Now we have learned that other members of the Trump campaign team might have been compromised by sharing campaign strategies with Russian intelligence officials. This was during the election while Putin was waging a secret info war against Hillary Clinton in an attempt to control the election.

Trump's reaction to all of this is to focus on his administration's leaks that made this info available to the public. In other words, Flynn was not fired by Trump for his actions, but for the public's discovery of his actions. Meanwhile, most Republicans want to just move on, some think a coverup probe might work, and a few are willing to have an independent probe, which is what is clearly needed.

--Jerry Politex


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