The Politex Report #1231

U.S. Theocracy: Theocrats Trump, Pence, Bannon Welcome deVos

Billionaire Sec. of Education, Theocrat Betsey DeVos, who would like to turn America's schools into religious schools, has given money to the Republican majority on the committee that vetted her, and the committee limited each member's questioning time to 5 minutes. She still managed to display her ignorance about basic education in America. For the first time ever as a nominee, she had to depend upon the Vice-President, Theocratic Pence, to break the 50-50 tie. The 50 Republican Senators who voted for her were in her pocket to the tune of $1 million dollars, not counting the $8 million her family has given to Republican PACs. Her family has given $200 million to Republican causes over the years. --Jerry Politex


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