The Politex Report #1223

Trump's Rasputin: Bannon's Coup of America Has Begun

Books on President Bush's lies were published over a decade ago. It's taken the mainstream media over a decade to admit in print that Presidents lie. How long will it take them to admit that "authoritarian" means "dictatorship," and we are in the beginning of a coup of our government by Donald Trump and his Rasputin, Steve Bannon.

Bannon's self-admitted goal is to destroy America and replace it with his Amerika. Bannon is responsible for Trump's campaign of chaos, lies, disinformation, and repression; Bannon is responsible for Trump's inauguration speech of evil, darkness, and cruelty; Bannon is responsible for Trump's unconstitutional immigration ban, along with the lies, chaos, and cruelty that marked its introduction. Bannon is responsible for the ongoing destructive takeover of our government's levers of power.

Trump has thanked Bannon by giving him a seat on the National Security Council (NSC), while breaking with tradition and removing the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as permanent members of the Principle's Committee of the NSC.

Next up: Bannon's Supreme Court selection, who will help make what is now unconstitutional, constitutional. Must we wait 10 more years to admit a coup of democracy and constitutionality has begun?

--Jerry Politex


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