The Politex Report #1219



Air Pollution Kills More Than 5.5 Million People a Year, 80,000 in US |

What Does the Environment Have to Do With Diseases That Affect the Immune System?

Trump’s plan to slash 75 percent of regulations will come at the cost of the environment

Trump's "Disastrous" Regulatory Cuts Imperil Public for Corporate Benefit

Americans are surprisingly supportive of government regulations Trump wants to dismantle

Trump's Dirty Climate Plan Out-of-Step as Most Americans Want Renewables

'Only the Beginning': Nationwide Campus Walkouts Issue Climate Call to Colleges' Stock Holdings.

A Billion People in India Aren't Being Warned About Toxic Air Pollution


Repealing Obamacare will kill more than 43,000 people annually - The Washington Post

If Trump guts Obamacare, History may Repeat itself -- the Australian Lesson

Trump’s war on Medicaid: Our new president wants to gut a critical program for the poor


"Women Will Die Because of This": Planned Parenthood on Trump Signing Anti-Abortion Global Gag Rule

Trump Revives and Expands Bush Ban on Foreign Aid to Groups That Give Abortion Counseling. NYT


Trump tells carmakers he's an environmentalist on same day he revives oil pipelines his family owns stock in.

Trump tells US automakers he will let them pollute. CSM


COI: Trump's Stock Interests vs. America's, Pipeline Edition

COI: Stockholder Trump Revives Keystone Pipeline Rejected by Obama.

Tsunami of Outrage, Vows of Resistance Follow Trump's Pipeline Order


Trump's Plan to Crush the EPA Is a Symptom of a Bigger Problem

Trump bans EPA employees from providing updates to social media, reporters, bars awarding new contracts or grants.

Resident Trump institutes media blackouts at EPA, USDA - NY Daily News

The Trump Administration Really Doesn't Want EPA Employees Talking to the Press

AP: Flint Water Has Fallen Below Federal Lead Limit. Mich. Gov. insists residents pay for it, anyway.

Lead Levels in Flint Water Drop, but Residents Still Can’t Drink It: Trump's EPA will make things worse. NYT

Monsanto, EPA Seek to Keep Talks Secret on Glyphosate Cancer Review


Kellyanne Conway confirms Trump wants to eliminate health coverage for millions

The Meaning of 'Access' to Health Care: Does not mean "coverage," Trump voter.

GOP: Shop Around for Surgery. (Try Thailand.) Atlantic

Will Trump Cut Medicare and Social Security? Yes.


Tom Price confirmation hearing for health secretary: the key points: He hates Obamacare. Has COI.

Tom Price, Author of Long Proposal to Replace Obamacare, Was Short on Specifics in Hearing

Trump’s Swampy Health Nominee Defends Shady Stock Deals as ‘Ethical, Above Board, Legal and Transparent’ NYT

Tom Price's Wife Gives Medical Industry Donors a Way to Influence National Policy

Trump's Health Secretary Pick Tied to Fringe Medical Group That Defends Doctors Accused of Misconduct

Tom Price’s Heated Health Hearing Is Unlikely to Derail His Nomination. NYT

Trump's Promise Ignored: Price refuses to promise no one will lose coverage under Trump’s Obamacare order

WAFFLE HOUSE: Dems Use Trump's Words To Slam Price's Health Care Plans

When a Study Cast Doubt on a Heart Pill, the Drug Company Turned to Tom Price


Will Rick Perry Privatize America's Nuclear Waste Storage?


Naomi Klein reveals why Pence’s Hurricane Katrina scheme is a blueprint for Trump’s disaster capitalism

"An Inconvenient Sequel": Al Gore on New Film, Trump, Climate Change & His Opposition to Trump's DAPL