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4 Million Total Women's March Nationwide, 600,000 in DC. Crowd Estimates, 1.21.2017

Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March in Washington Had 3 Times as Many People as Trump’s Inauguration - New York Times

Aerial photos show large crowds at Women’s Marches in 18 cities across the country - Vox

Women’s marches: More than one million (est. 4 million) protesters vow to resist President Trump - WP


Metro ridership for women's march higher than Trump inauguration

DC’s metro system keeps trolling Trump for his poor inauguration attendance

‘Real America’ helped make Saturday’s protests the biggest in U.S. history

The simple reason that turnout for the anti-Trump march exceeds the Trump inauguration: More people dislike him.


Republican Lawmakers in Five States Propose Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest


Donald Trump Is President. This Is What We Do Next.

Laying the Ground for Resistance to Trump on Day One

Today, millions of people are protesting Trump. Here’s what they plan to do next.

‘Indivisible’ Guide Teaches Progressives How to Play Defense Against Trump

We Can’t Just Protest Trump. We Must Defy Him.

What Happens After the Women’s March?

I felt the love – finally – at the Women's March, but what do we do tomorrow?

The art of protesting during Donald Trump’s presidency

The Women’s March is massive. Here’s how organizers can give it staying power.

They Marched on Washington. Now the Left Should Focus on Its Own Backyard.

Women’s marches: 'This is just the start'


Solidarity – plus 10 other reasons women showed up to march - NationofChange

We Are Mourning…But We Are Marching And Organizing for Democracy and the Earth

Report: Trump Team Wants to Slash Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Everything Else Except Defense

Trump’s regulatory freeze halts four Obama rules aimed at promoting greater energy efficiency - WP

Reproductive Rights, Climate Change Spur Women's Marchers To Action

‘It scares me to my core’: Women explain how Trump’s election galvanized them into action

Women's March Protestors Fear Trump Will Worsen Economic Inequality

Women's March Attendee Is Worried She'll Lose Her Healthcare

All the Awful Things Donald Trump Plans to Do to Women

Women Joining DC March From Canada Are 'Disgusted' By Donald Trump

Canadians blocked at US border when agents learned they were traveling to DC Women’s March

Reproductive Rights Are More Popular Than Ever, but Anti-Choice Lawmakers Are About to Take Power

Donald Trump’s administration reiterates its support of crimes against humanity

Naomi Klein on Trump Election: "This is a Corporate Coup d’État" DN!

Last Day at the Civil Rights Division: Trump has killed it. NY

The Holman Rule Once Allowed Congress to Purge Leftists From Government Agencies—Now It’s Back

Robert Reich: 7 hard truths Democrats must acknowledge if they want a better future


Women March on Washington and Other Cities Across the US to Defy Trump

Women are marching in cities across the Midwest, the Rust Belt, and the South

“He’s not a real New Yorker”: scenes from the Women’s March in Trump’s hometown

New York protesters on Trump's inauguration: 'Despair is not our voice'

“I Needed to Do Something” Women's March.

What celebrities? Scenes from the brilliant, messy, chaotic Women's March.

Men Turn Out To Women's March On Washington In Force

Parents At DC Women's March Want Their Kids To Embrace Feminism (PHOTOS)

‘He’s only Putin’s b*tch!’: ‘Gays Against Guns’ sing anti-Trump anthem at Women’s March


Uplifting, Heartbreaking, Enormous Crowds at Women's Marches Around The World

People in more than 60 countries are protesting Trump with the Women’s March

From Athens, Greece, to Park City, Utah: photos from Women’s Marches around the world


Watch Madonna Drop F-Bomb Live on CNN During Women’s March on Washington

Watch Elizabeth Warren’s fiery speech at the Women’s March in Boston

Co-founder of Women's March on Washington addresses crowds

Gloria Steinem to Trump: It’s not “I, the president.” It’s “We, the people.”

‘Our p*ssies ain’t for grabbing’: Watch Ashley Judd’s blistering attack on Trump at Washington march

Ashley Judd recites 'I am a nasty woman' poem at march

Hillary Clinton Tweets Support For Women's March On Washington

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich calls Donald Trump a bully and praises marches

Edward Snowden: ‘Faith in Elected Leaders’ Is a Mistake Americans Keep Making

The artist behind Obama’s iconic “Hope” poster has a different plan for Trump: 3 Women.


How the mass media missed the runup to the Women's March that social media turned into a phenomenon. -WP

Net neutrality: A top target for Trump's FCC.

CNN covers historic Women’s March with panel of eight men and one woman


On first day in the White House bubble, no mention of protesters outside. WP

Trump On Widespread Protests: 'Why Didn't These People Vote?' (His party prevented them from doing so.)

Women's March on Washington overshadows Trump's first full day of lyin' in office.