The Politex Report #1213


After the swearing-at, you can expect a war on internet freedom, a new Trump TV network, a larger press room filled with his favorite news bloggers, and his same old tweets geared to provide mushroom management of his foot soldiers. --JP


Should Read: The Terrifying Parallels Between Trump and Erdogan.

World’s top jailer of journalists Erdogan praises Trump for putting a reporter ‘in his place’

Bill to cement Dictator Erdoğan's power passes first vote in Turkey


Sorry, liberals: Donald Trump really means what he says — and plans to silence and intimidate dissenters, press.

War on Info: A hellscape of lies and distorted reality awaits journalists covering President Trump - WP

Donald Trump: Not exactly Hitler! But his “Nazi Germany” comments conceal a dark parallel pattern

The Media Outlets Poised To Become Trump’s Personal Propaganda Machine

US press corps fights back with open letter to Trump: You won’t set the rules for us


What does Trump’s election mean for digital freedom of speech? Not good.

This Is the Year Donald Trump Kills Net Neutrality. Wired

Marsha Blackburn, a Diehard Net Neutrality Foe, Is Now in Charge of a Powerful House Subcommittee

Clearing Out the App Stores: Government Censorship Made Easier. NYT

Netflix Giant isn’t worried about GOP plans to weaken Net neutrality, but the average citizen should be. WP

Moral Panic Over Fake News Hides the Real Enemy – the Digital Giants


Should Read: Nothing is Real: When Reality TV Programming Masquerades as Politics. Counterpunch

How Reality TV Builds Narrative Is Crucial to Understanding Trump


“Trump TV” announces new 24-hour network will get access to White House press briefings - Salon

Right Side Broadcasting, The "Unofficial Version Of Trump TV," Hires Racist YouTube Prankster "Joey Salads"

Trump TV already exists. It’s called Right Side Broadcasting. - WP

Pro-Trump TV Network Has Big-League Dreams - POLITICO


Trump War on Media: “They're the opposition party...I want ’em out of the building. We're taking back press room."NY

Donald Trump May Evict Press from the White House, Spox Calling It "The Opposition Party." Esquire

Trump’s Plan to Neuter the White House Press Corps and Our Democracy. Reich

Trump says he'll pick which reporters get to the come to White House press room

Trump signals adversarial relationship with press to continue after swearing-in

Reporters have worked from the White House for over 100 years. Trump planning to evict them. WP


Trump team considers moving press out of White House to accommodate possibly hundreds of reporters

Trump Wants To Flood White House Press Briefings With Sycophants And Propagandists

Wacko Attack: Talk radio hosts and bloggers may be included in White House press briefings.

A guide to Trump-speak: think 'bloke talking loudly in the pub'

A Seat at the Table: Trump Wacko Ally Alex Jones: “John Lewis Is A Lying Pile Of Garbage”

Meet The Mysterious, Facebook-Verified Page Pushing Fake News To Nearly 5 Million Followers:American News. MM


CNN's Reliable Sources Outlines How Trump's "Spin Doctors" Manipulate Coverage Of His Russia Ties: Deny and confuse

Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and the dangerous art of bullsh*t


Trump blasts polls showing him to be least popular incoming president in modern history

Donald Trump thinks approval ratings are rigged. Ignoring approval ratings removes a major check on Trump’s power.


The Trump story media dare not utter: They sacrificed democracy for ratings

Dangers I didn’t see coming: “tyranny of the minority” and an irrelevant press - Vox

Media rushes to give Trump credit for jobs he didn’t help save or create

Olbermann: Press allows Trump to spin ‘poisoned word-salad’ to avoid answering for Russian connections

When the New York Times Helped Trump Put the Brakes on the Russian Hacking Story

Media Outlets Helped Trump Push A Fake News Story About Bikers And His Inauguration. MM

Poll: Donald Trump is more unfair to the media than the media is to him


News Outlets Are Telling Their Employees to Stay Home From the Women’s March

Inauguration Boycott Grows Along With Women’s March Momentum


One habit Trump says he will keep as president: tweeting

Trump's Tweets Meant for His Fans, Not Congress, Press, You, or Me. Mojo

Trump's tweets suggest an immaturity, a lack of respect for the office he’s about to hold

Kurt Eichenwald: Trump’s ‘uncontrollable’ tweeting spreads ‘wreckage and confusion’

Please Stop Pretending that Donald Trump's Every Utterance Has Magic Powers

Trump smears CNN as ‘fake news,’ ignores fact his Twitter feed is full of it

This morning Trump bashed NBC, tweeting: “Totally biased NBCNews went out of its way to say that the big...

Trump bragged about incredible photos of bikers coming to his inauguration. The photos are fake.

Social Media Is Best Used for Distraction, Not Argument

Joe: Bullying the Pulpit: Trump's 'exhausting the American public' with fights | MSNBC

After Trump’s L.L. Bean tweet, ethics office warns US employees: do not endorse products

The Office of Government Ethics is waging a one-sided Twitter feud with Trump

Truth or Twitter? Why Donald Trump Is No John Steinbeck: He tweets lies, not truths. Counterpunch


The Foreign Correspondent in the Age of Twitter and Trump: Hitler would love Trimp's tweets. Counterpunch