The Politex Report #1211


One thing Trump has in common with his voters is they don't read. Out in the boonies local newspapers have gone out of business, so Trumpets listen to wacko Alex Jones on their computers, as does Trump. And read fake news. When asked about Trump's latest financial and sex scandals: "Don't pay no mind, now git!"

But when twitterpated Trump says he will give everyone...everyone, cheaper and better health care at a lower cost, paid for by his government, they're all ears. Of course he's lying; it can't be done and he knows it. Although Trump's Republican congress has been forced to cough up $9 million to keep Obamacare afloat through 2017, that won't happen in 2018: there's no way the Repubs will finance Trump's pie in the sky twitterpates to his loyal ground troops.

Trump's twitter page is for his fans, not you and me. Even the NYT's David Brooks, a moderate Republican, has promised to only report what Agent Orange does, not what he says, particularly on Twitter. Meanwhile, his magical-thinking followers believe Trump will keep all the good things about Obamacare, like no preexisting conditions, family coverage until age 26, and government subsidized insurance; and eliminating the bad stuff, like having to get mandatory, low-cost insurance after age 26.

Of course, many/most of Trump's voters have health insurance where they work, with all of the government mandated good stuff noted above in place, without any of the bad stuff. Their gripe is actually with Obama, not Obamacare. That will change in a year or so, once Obamacare is eliminated, and all the good stuff in their employee insurance goes away. Welcome to reality. --JP


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