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Birther Trump attacks national hero Rep. John Lewis for calling him "illigitimate" by tweeting the lie that Lewis' center city Atlantic district is in "sad" shape. Meanwhile, he nominates an uninformed, inexperienced token black who thinks blacks cause their own poverty, says he's not an administrator, and dislikes the department he was selected to lead: HUD, which administers to the nation's center city blacks. --JP


Joe: A modern founding father: Remembering MLK | MSNBC

Obama Sings 'Amazing Grace' During Pinckney Eulogy | msnbc


On the eve of MLK weekend, Obama protects 3 civil rights sites as national monuments

The FBI’s War on Civil Rights Leaders, Steeped in Its Own Racism.


Should Read: Donald Trump’s attack on civil rights leader John Lewis, explained.

The Poor People's Campaign: the little-known protest MLK was planning when he died

MLK Day 2017: Mobilizing Against Racism, Capitalism and Militarism in a Neo-Fascist Era.


Here are 23 quotes to honor Martin Luther King

Letter From Birmingham Jail. MLK

A look back at the black clerics who shaped Martin Luther King Jr.’s prophetic vision


Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Still Faces Pushback. NYT

Which Martin Luther King Are We Celebrating Today? Conservatives have lied and distorted his message. NYT

Republicans praise Dr. King while plotting to dismantle his legacy

In the Age of Trumpian Reaction, MLK’s Legacy to the 99 Percent Is Being Reversed.

Sean Spicer lectures John Lewis on MLK Day: Questioning Trump’s election undermines civil rights


‘I Don’t See Trump as a Legitimate President': The nation’s greatest living civil-rights hero says what others won’t

‘I don’t see Trump as legitimate’: Rep. John Lewis says Trump presidency tainted by Russian hacks


Michael Moore backs up John Lewis with 6 reasons Trump is an ‘illegitimate president’

Trump’s Illegitimacy: "The spectacular obscenity of Trump’s [response] is incomparable and deeply repulsive." Blow


Democrats Should Follow John Lewis’ Lead. Slate

Outrage After Trump Insults Civil Rights Icon John Lewis

Black lawmakers consider boycotting Trump’s inauguration en masse after attack on John Lewis

Inaugural boycott: John Lewis attack spurs more Democrats to skip Trump’s big day

Rep. Elijah Cummings calls on Trump to stop attacking John Lewis: ‘Put down the Twitter stuff’


Should Read: Donald Trump’s attack on civil rights leader John Lewis, explained.

Donald Trump criticized John Lewis, one of the original Freedom Riders, on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

John Lewis is the last person Donald Trump should be picking a fight with right now

John Lewis, Donald Trump, and the Meaning of Legitimacy: Totus calls national hero "sad."

In feud with John Lewis, Donald Trump attacked ‘one of the most respected people in America’ - WP


Ex-RNC head Michael Steele slams Trump for Lewis tweets: ‘Trump has never walked the walk’

These lawmakers are disgusted by Trump’s attack on civil rights icon John Lewis


Liar Priebus Claims GOPers Never Questioned Obama's Legitimacy As President

Who’s the Illegitimate President Now, Mr. Birtherism?

Conservative’s criticism of John Lewis backfires after CNN host points out Trump’s birther lies

Here are 14 fake news stories created or publicized by Donald Trump


Trump trolled by John Lewis’s constituents after insulting their district as ‘horrible’ and ‘crime ridden’

‘God, you’re an a**hole!’ Internet erupts after ‘douchebag’ Trump attacks John Lewis yet again

‘You’re not a quarter of the man he is’: Internet shreds Trump for smearing civil rights icon John Lewis


John Lewis's clash with Donald Trump sends the civil rights hero's book to No 1

Amazon sells out of Rep. John Lewis’ biography after Trump attacks him


Trump’s feud with John Lewis echoes a long, difficult, negative relationship with African Americans - WP

Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s Claims About Lewis' Atlanta: False. The Daily Beast

On MLK Day weekend, Slumlord Trump smears civil rights hero John Lewis as a slumlord

Trump’s attack on John Lewis is also a racist smear against black communities

Pence defends Trump calling John Lewis a failure to black people


Trump to meet with Nationaal ID Advocate Martin Luther King III on Monday to discuss voting rights that his party is destroying. (Where will blacks get their ID. How will they prove they're citizens?)

Trump cites ‘scheduling issues’ and cancels MLK Day tour of civil rights museum.


Ben Carson Knows Nothing

Ben Carson Doesn’t Have Much Interest in the Agency He Will Run

The Anything-but-Housing Secretary

Trump Locates Another Black Comedian With No Public Policy Experience to Work on "Inner City" With Brain Surgeon.


DOJ sues city that has never elected a black city council member

Cities Have the Power to Finally Bridge MLK’s ‘Two Americas’ Nation


Down to the Wire: Obama’s DOJ Issues Scathing Report on Systemic Abuse Within Chicago Police

Cops' Feelings on Race Show How Far We Have to Go.


Sessions supporters scoff at civilian distrust of police during confirmation hearing

Black Democrats Say Testifying Last In Sessions’ Hearing Is Like Being Sent To "Back Of The Bus" | Democracy Now!


Racist Iowa teacher tells students she doesn’t like blacks after kids learn about Martin Luther King Jr.