The Politex Report #1208

TRUMP WATCH: Sat. Jan. 14


Rep. John Lewis said that he does not view Trump as a “legitimate president” who won the election on his own terms

Rep. John Lewis on Russian Help: 'I Don't See Trump as a Legitimate President' - NBC News


Trump "intimated that he may be ready to be complicit with Putin in the dismembement of the Western alliance." NYT

"Lunacy": Trump officials hope/expecting E.U. to fall apart this year, U.S. envoy says. WP

Russia is trying to smash Nato, James Mattis says in confirmation hearing. (So is Trump.)


Fact-checking President-elect Trump’s news conference: 13 lies, 1 truth. WP

Robert Reich on Trump's Fraud Conference: The Lies TOTUS Tells to Tyrannize. NW

Blabber Mouth: Trump’s rhetoric is a triumph of inarticulacy


Trump's Four Useless Alternatives to Obamacare: Nothing to replace it. Vice

Donald Trump’s Medical Delusions: Crazy, Liar, or Crazy Liar? Krugman


Human Rights Group Portrays U.S. as Major Threat, Citing Trump NYT


Trump and Team Lied: Trump adviser and Russian ambassador have regular contact, White House says

Did Trump's Flynn Collude With Russian Envoy? Trump WH Adviser Called Him the Day Before Sanctions Were Imposed. NYT

Senate intelligence committee to question Trump team on Russia links. Guardian

Stunning Haaretz report: US intel officials warn Israel that info it shares with Trump admin could be sent to Russia/Iran


These 13 paid off Democrats joined with the GOP to defeat Bernie Sanders’ efforts to lower prescription drug prices


4 Questions: #1 Did Trump People Collude With Russia? /david-ignatius/ WP

Did Trump's Flynn Collude With Russian Envoy? Trump WH Adviser Called Him the Day Before Sanctions Were Imposed. NYT

Putin Puppet TOTUS suggests he may drop Russia sanctions if Moscow 'is helpful' on trade deals. Guardian


How the Trump dossier came to light: Jeb PAC, secret sources, a retired spy and John McCain | US news …

Donald Trump dossier: intelligence sources vouch for author's credibility. Guardian

UK's former Moscow ambassador highly rates author of Trump dossier.


Comey Letter on Clinton Email Is Subject of Justice Dept. Inquiry. NYT

Democrats Confront Insulting F.B.I. Chief Comey Over Two-Faced Policy at Closed-Door Intelligence Briefing. NYT

Angering Congress, James Comey won't address Trump-Russia inquiry privately. Guardian

Senate Intel chiefs promise probr of Trump-Russia ties as House Dems accuse FBI director of stonewalling at meeting.

Russia-Loving Julian Assange has become a folk hero for Trump supporters. CSM


Do Exxon's Climate Denial & "Trail of Carnage" on Human Rights Make Tillerson Unfit for State Department? Yes. DN

Judge: Exxon must hand over decades of telling documents in climate change probe. CSM

Rex Tillerson just moved the US closer to war with China. CSM

Tillerson testimony injects doubt into Trump foreign policy.


Desperate Attempts to Make Trump Adhere to Government Ethics: Unlike Nominees, TOTUS refuses to meet with ethics officials. NY

Trump Ignores Ethics Experts Urging Him to Divest from His Businesses & Puts Sons In Charge Instead.


NYT ED: They Couldn't Shut It Down, So House Republicans Try to Bully Ethics Office.

Brown Shirt Rep. Jason Chaffetz threatens federal ethics head who denounced Donald Trump’s “meaningless” divestment.


Donald Trump’s Dangerous Attacks on the Press: That's What Dictators Do. NYT

Committee to Protect Journalists: Watch Out for Trump "Leak Investigations" Targeting Journos.

We shouldn’t flag fake news. We should encourage people to stop using Facebook:


Kerry apologizes for decades of LGBT discrimination by State Department. Why now? Trump won't do it. CSM

Texas Toilet Bill Predicted to Cost San Antonio $234 Million, Says Study of 2018 Final Four. NYT


Defense Secretary Nominee James Mattis Pledges to Enforce Iran Nuclear Deal Criticized by TOTUS.

Trump's Pick for Defense Sec'y Made Millions in Defense Industry After His 2013 Retirement. DN


Devoid: Trump’s Pick, An Enemy of Public Education, Could Face Unusually Stiff Resistance. NYT

The DeVos Hearings: A Crib Sheet. Atlantic

Betsy DeVos's Accountability Problem: Supporters lie about her policies. Atlantic


Brain Surgeon, Heal Thyself: Ben Carson’s Denial of Reality. Starr, NYT

Ben Carson's Impossible Vision for American Housing.

Ben Carson, Who Thinks Poverty is a Choice, Urges Ending Reliance on Welfare in Bid to Be Housing Chief.

Ben Carson refuses to guarantee no housing funds will benefit Trump. Guardian

Ben Carson at his HUD Sec. hearing: "“It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American.” Salon


Dangerous Obsession: Trump's Meeting With RFK Jr. Has Scientists Worried - POLITICO

Why Germaphobe Trump's Ties To Anti-Vaccine Paranoid Kennedy, Jr. Infuriate Even The Nicest Doctors | Common Health


‘You Focus on the Good’: Women Who Voted for Trump Ignored His Penis/Pussy Remarks, Favored Ivanka. NYT

Artist Richard Prince, Protesting Trump, Says Keep Painting, Returns $36K Ivanka Art Payment. NYT


Trump's War on DC: Popular General Heading D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration. WP

A Springsteen Cover Band Is a Fitting Choice for Trump’s Cover Inauguration. NY


Know-nothing Trump meets with Princeton physicist who says global warming is good for us. WP

Homeland Security calls voting booths critical infrastructure. CSM

Trump looking to appoint another inexperienced, white, wealthy executive to lead U.S. Navy - WP


The Corruption Allegations Against Benjamin Netanyahu: This time it's serious. NY

Stunning Haaretz report: US intel officials warn Israel info it shares with Trump admin could be sent to Russia/Iran