The Politex Report #1203


Trump wants to distract us from Jeff Sessions, his toxic choice for Attorney General, by tweeting about Streep. Don't fall for it. Sessions' racism is only the tip of his dirty iceberg. Although he has not been vetted, he is first up for confirmation as the Republican Senate attempts to railroad him through. He has failed to supply the Senate with vetting documents and he has lied about them. As a NYT ED notes today, "Mr. Sessions, the Republican senator from Alabama...trails behind him a toxic cloud of hostility to racial equality, voting rights, women’s rights, criminal justice reform and other issues at the heart of the Justice Department’s mandate." --JP


NYT ED:What Is Jeff Sessions Hiding? He has failed to turn over requested vetting docs, he previously implied that would be a "crime," then he lies about it ti the Senate.

Ahead of Confirmation Hearing, Feinstein Accuses Sessions of Withholding Key Records From Committee

Sessions Downplayed Relationship With Breitbart News In Senate Questionnaire

Expect tough hearings for Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions? Forget it — this is the new era of no rules - Salon


Railroaded: Chuck Grassley is savvy & understands the less one learns about Sessions, the better for Sessions: by @joanwalsh

NAACP occupies Jeff Sessions' Mobile office in protest of AG nomination |


'Justice for some': advocates worry Jeff Sessions could halt criminal justice reform |The Guardian

How an AG Jeff Sessions could change for the worse the conversation on criminal justice. CSM

Attorney General Jeff Sessions would spell disaster for civil rights in America.

Sessions' Anti-Immigration Influence Will Go Far Beyond His Role as Attorney General | Mother Jones

Jeff Sessions worked to execute insane, mentally ill and intellectually disabled people

Jeff Sessions: Protections for disabled kids are ruining America's schools

The Signal Sent by Picking Jeff Sessions for Attorney General: Trump chooses advisers who have given vent to hate.


The terrible, disqualifying things Jeff Sessions did as attorney general of Alabama:

Racist or not, Sessions has chosen the wrong side of history in the struggle for justice


Jeff Sessions: Trump's attorney general pick accused of racial slur in 1981 lied to US Senate.

Specter of Race Shadows Jeff Sessions, Potential Trump Nominee for Cabinet, only second nominee spurned in 50 years.

Jeff Sessions accused of retaliation after claims of racism cost him a judgeship | US news | The Guardian

Jeff Sessions Was Deemed Too Racist To Be A Federal Judge. He'll Now Be Trump's Attorney General. | Huffington

Specter of Race Shadows Jeff Sessions, Trump Nominee for Cabinet, only second nominee spurned in 50 years.


Trump's Newest Senior Adviser, a Sessions Staffer, Seen as a White Nationalist Ally | Mother Jones

Trump Team Falsely Claims Support of Civil Rights Advocates for Jeff Sessions | Mother Jones


Trump Urges Spy Agencies to Lay Off Russia and Focus on Threat Posed by Actresses - Borowitz

Ezra Klein: The fight with Streep is the controversy the Trump admin wants. The absent ethics documents of its nominees is the controversy they don’t.