The Politex Report #1202


While Trump pays off Florida ex-AG for dropping its case against Trump U fraud with a job at the White House, Governor Scott reports to Trump, not Obama, and nixes talk about next week's legislation to allow guns at airports as "politics" in his cover-your-butt speech at airport shooting. --JP


Report: Trump hires politician who received illegal support from his charity

Florida AG Who Dropped Case Against Trump Said to Get WH Job

Fla. AG who received illegal donation from Trump may get WH job | The Hill

Florida AG asked Trump for donation before declining to join Trump U. lawsuit | Fox News

After $25,000 Donation, Florida A.G. Forgot To Investigate Trump’s Scammy ‘University’ | Wonkette

Bondi gets top Trump transition job | Miami Herald Naked Politics

September: Trump Rewarded Florida AG Pam Bondi Several Times After She Dropped Trump U Case | Politics USA


Video Transcript: Gov. Scott monitoring situation re airport shooting: Nixes airport gun bill talk as "politics." | WPBF TV

In a Political Move, Florida Governor Reached Out to Trump and Pence, but not Obama, After Fort Lauderdale Shooting. Lies About It: "Not time to be political." | MSN

Arms and the Trump: Florida's GOP Gov alludes to Pulse's 49 Dead in his airport shooting remarks, TOTUS Wants To Weaken Background Checks.


Florida GOPer introduced bill to allow guns in airport terminals days before Ft. Lauderdale shooting | Raw Story

Florida Legislature Set to Consider Bill Allowing Guns in Airports Next Week | Mediaite


Inspired by Pulse, Orlando Democrats seek assault-weapons ban in Florida | Miami Herald Naked Politics

Tallahassee mayor blasts gun lobby, launches campaign against special-interest 'bullies' | Tampa bay Times