The Politex Report #1200


Before being elected, Trump indicated that Pence, who is to his right, will be in charge of ultra-conservative legislation and he, Trump, would be in charge of "making America great again," meaning tweeting, making COI business deals, and holding rallies to keep his footsoldiers riled up. But what about Steve Bannon, his senior White House adviser, who is operating in secret, as he likes it?

Bannon has said he sees himself as Vladimir Lenin, a Russian political theorist who attacked a corrupt elite, and Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan dictator who established military rule in England based on strict Christian values. As such, his basic political philosophy was articulated in a speech at the Vatican in 2014, where he called for a global revolution in the name of a nationalistic ultra-conservative Christian capitalism that he believes predominated in the West between the end of World War II up until the fall of th Soviet Union. Bannon believes that, since then, a Godless form of capitalism, neoliberalism, has created an international class of global elites, only inerested in personal gain. Bannon wants to destroy both elite political parties in the US and replace them with his idea of Chistian "traditionalism." Ultimately, however, his goal is to reproduce his revolutionary idea throughout the West.

One can see that Bannon's political view has been the backbone of Trump's appeal to his working class voters, but the president-elect has a problem: Pence is all Cromwell and no Lenin. Pence, out of Central Casting, does not want to destroy the Republican Party, he wants to turn it into a theocratic weapon with which to bludgeon the poor into submission through typical Republican ultra-conservative values. As long as Trump can keep ragamuffin Bannon hidden and both men busy with their contradictory destructive goals, he can continue to manage his followers and the mainstream media through his personal brand of mushroom management.

--Jerry Politex


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