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"The fact that, earlier this month, Putin — and Donald Trump — voiced support for nuclear proliferation does not simply point to the cynicism of Putin's earlier argument but to the way in which the Obama Administration appeared ill-prepared to counter it. If Obama appears to have been outmaneuvered by Putin, this only increases, not diminishes, the fear that Trump will be completely outclassed. Putin rightly calculates that he stands a much better chance of furthering his revanchist foreign policy goals in Ukraine under a Trump Administration than under its predecessor. For all his lauding of the Western international order in 2013, the punitive sanctions imposed by that order have crippled the Russian economy in recent years. In their left-handed praise of Obama's actions, McCain and Graham wrote that the new sanctions were "ultimately a small price for Russia to pay for its brazen attack on American democracy." If the Trump Administration proves to be as malleable, myopic, and minor-leagued as indications suggest, those sanctions will not only be a small price to pay for Putin's actions. They will simply be the cost of doing business."

--Obama's Sanctions and Putin's Skilled Propaganda - Cobb, NY


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