The Politex Report #1196



NYT ED: Mr. Trump, Which Side Are You On? President Obama Punishes Russia, at Long Last.

While Trump Say Forget It, Obama Strikes Back at Russia Military, Intelligence for Documented Election Hacking. NYT


How the Russian Military Recruited Elite Hackers for Its Cyberwar Science Squadrons. NYT

How Russia aimed a perfect weapon at the U.S. election (from earlier this month)

President Obama will impose sanctions on Russia, the strongest US response to foreign hacking


Fmr. Obama Ambassador on why some Russian sanctions could go further | MSNBC

The Key to Putin's Cyber Power: Interview with Obama's Former Russian Ambassador.

Obama Targets Putin's Spies Over DNC Hack


Russia is harassing U.S. diplomats all over Europe - The Washington Post

July: Fight between police officer and US diplomat broadcast on Russian TV l The Guardian

US protests over Russian 'harassment' as its diplomats allegedly given date rape drug | The Guardian


The Lauded Russian Hacker Whose Company Landed on the U.S. Blacklist, Providing Support to the Military. NYT

President Obama issues sanctions against alleged Russian hackers, kicks out 35 diplomats, publicly calls them out.


Obama Strikes Back at Russia for Election Hacking to Box in Trump. Sanger

Barack Obama is striking back at Russia-and putting Putin Puppet Trump in a bind.


How could Obama secretly hack Russia?

Cyber Secrets: Why it's hard for the CIA to make its case on Russian hacking - Vox


Trump: It's time 'to move on' from claims of Russian interference in election: Hey, I'm elected!

How Russians Pay to Play in Other Countries: Look for Puppets. NYT


Obama Targets Putin's Spies Over DNC Hack, and Both Dems and Repubs Applaud.

Halperin: Trump out of step with GOP on Russia: Will he remove Obama's Sanctions? MSNBC

Obama's Russia sanctions put Hill Republicans in a box: Whose side are they on?


Senator McCain says Russia must pay price for hacking

McCain schedules hearing on cyber threats, including Russian hacking and


Following the Links From Russian Hackers to the U.S. Election - The New York Times

FBI analysis fingers Russian spy agencies for US election hacks

Document: FBI-Homeland Security Report on Russian Hacking - NYT

Vermont utility confirms system breach by Russians


Two Russian Compounds Near NYC and Washington, Beachside Spy Nests, Cleared Out by Obama. NYT

Dacha, Sweet Dacha: Washington Life Magazine: Summer 2007: Embassy Row

Russian compound in The Bronx shuttered by US


No reason to believe Russia will cease to interfere in U.S. and other elections in future - Obama administration official

1986-2016: Spies vs. Spies: A US-Russia Cold War Regularity That Never Quite Cooled. NYT

Old News: 'The Game Will Go On' [not] as U.S. Expels Russian Diplomats. NYT