The Politex Report #1192


Destroying the UN is just one more step in Steve Bannon's goal of a planet where conservative policy outweighs national boundries. --JP


Actions Defeat Words: Israelis Wonder How Long Netanyahu Can Back Settlements and Pretend to Back Two-State Solution

Obama-Netanyahu, Final Clash After Years of Conflict, caused by Bibi's "stubborn defiance of international concerns"


Trump's Ominous Warning To The UN: "Things Will Be Different After Jan. 20th" | Zero Hedge

Trump warns UN after Israel vote: 'Things will be different' soon | TheHill


Trump Pick for Ambassador to Israel Giving the Green Light to Israeli Extremists | Democracy Now!

No Peace: Trump's pick for U.S. ambassador to Israel is frightening

Trump's Pick for Ambassador to Israel Is An Extremist, Could Kill the Two-State Solution


Ambassador for Apartheid: Trump's Pick for Israel Post Slammed as Threat to Peace and Two-State Talks

Trump's nomination of David Friedman as Isreali ambassador provides disturbing clarity to his foreign policy.


UN demands end to illegal Israeli settlements after US abstains from vote

The resolution says little that has not been formal US policy going back almost half a century.

Obama Allows Toothless UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements to Pass


Obama just took a parting shot at Israel - and Trump - at the UN

One Small Step for Mankind: Two Cheers for Obama: US allows the UN to Condemn Israeli Occupation

US Rebukes Israel And Allows UN Condemnation Of Settlements


US senator Graham threatens to curb UN aid over its resolution on Israel

Gingrich attacks Russia over 14-0 anti-Israel vote.


Bibi: 'Israel to stop funding UN institutions' -- The JPost

Netanyahu calls UN 'moral farce,' says Israel will not accept any dictates -

Netanyahu slams Obama for 'gang up' with U.N. resolution

Netanyahu Promises Retribution for 'Biased' U.N. Resolution, Awaits the Coming of Trump, the Savior. NYT

Israel summons ambassadors for dressing down over UN resolution


Forget Trump, Steve Bannon is the real danger - Opinion - Israel News |

Donald Trump's Israel Ambassador Pick Is Hazardous to Peace. (That's what Bannon wants.)

Steve Bannon made Breitbart a space for pro-Israel writers and anti-Semitic readers

A look at Breitbart's 'Alt-Right Lite' plan for Israel/Palestine

Bannon a 'passionate Zionist and supporter of Israel,' says top Jewish Trump donor -

Bannon's Israel point man scoffs at anti-Semitism claims, 'doesn't know' the alt-right | The Times of Israel

'Absolutely' Possible For Bannon To Be Pro-Israel And Anti-Semitic: Jewish leaders think about Trump's strategist.


Rebuffing Israel, U.S. Allows UN Censure Over Settlements, defying pressure from Trump and lobbying by Israel. NYT

Israel asked Trump to intervene to avert U.N. vote on settlements: Israeli official

Donald Trump publicly pressured President Obama to veto a UN resolution critical of Israel


Ambassador for Apartheid: Trump's Pick for Israel Post Slammed as Threat to Peace and Two-State Talks

David Friedman, the Trump Peace-Wrecker for Israel.

Donald Trump's new Israel ambassador compared Jews who criticize Israel to Jews who helped the Nazis

This Is How the Two-State Solution Dies: Trump Israel pick.

Trump's Extremist Israel Ambassador Pick Is a Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Helped Him Pull One of His Greatest Scams