The Politex Report #1191


By making contradictory statements on policy, Trump distorts the reader's reality and always claims he was right.


Two of Trump's campaign promises were to keep the enemy guessing and create a new reality by destroying the media and replaceing it with propaganda. His recent nuke tweets and follow-up statements are doing both. Unfortunately, we are the enemy that Trump was talking about. --JP


How people's sensitivity to threats illuminates the rise of Donald Trump

US Citizens As the Enemy: The chaos theory of Donald Trump: Sowing confusion through tweets.

Nearly Half of Trump Voters Ready to Support His Attack on Free Press


Trump seemed to call for more nuclear weapons. His aides say he didn't mean it. He says he did.

Donald Trump isn't worried about a global nuclear arms race: "Let it be..."

Trump spokesman quickly contradicts Trump: 'There is not going to be' a nuclear arms race

Trump expands on tweet, explicitly endorses a nuclear arms race

A tense new battle over nuclear arms erupts between Donald Trump and his staff

Trump Welcomes Nuclear Arms Race: "We Will Outmatch Them at Every Pass"

Trump's latest comments stoke talk of a new nuclear arms race, while his press secretary tries to explain

Nukes: In a day of tweets, Trump suggests major change on national security issues

Vladimir Putin, Unsurprised by Trump Remarks, Says Russia Wants No Nuclear Arms Race, but Will Improve Warheads. NYT

'Let it be an arms race': Trump doubles down on scary nuke plan on 'Morning Joe'


Which Countries Have Nuclear Weapons and How Big Their Arsenals Are - The New York Times


NYT ED: Mr. Trump Flirts With an Arms Race, Puts the World at Risk.

Trump Says U.S. Would 'Outmatch' Rivals in a New Nuclear Arms Race. NYT

Trump, Promising Arms Race, Could Set World on Uncertain Path. NYT


"Absolutely Frightening": Greenpeace Responds to Trump's Call for a New Nuclear Arms Race

See Nate Silver's shocking electoral map of what the US would look like after a nuclear holocaust

Could Trump's Tweets Spark a Nuclear Arms Race? Sure.

Bernie Sanders nails 'Tweeter in Chief' Trump for unleashing a 'dangerous nuclear arms race'

This 29-year-old Trump interview offers a terrifying look into his plans for nuclear weapons


Trump challenges the nuke world order; insiders and experts respond.

Rose-Colored Glasses: What, Exactly, Is Trump Getting at With His Comments About Nukes and an Arms Race?

Trump 'arms race' comment sows more doubt on nuclear policy


Trump's nuclear remarks test bid to improve Russia ties

Putin says he unfazed by Trump's call for nuclear arms race - and calls Democrats sore losers

Trump releases letter from Putin asking to 'restore' U.S.-Russia relationship

Trump shares a 'very nice' Christmas letter he received from Vladimir Putin

Putin offers cooperation in Christmas letter to 'his excellency' Trump


Trump continues to sow confusion over his plan for Muslims entering the country

Tyrant Trump Predictably Uses Attacks to Justify Counter-Productive Anti-Muslim Policies