The Politex Report #1184


Donald Trump promises Silicon Valley leaders lots of money if they turn the internet over to him. --JP


Rep. Honda, Survivor of Japanese Internment Camp, Decries Trump Proposal for Muslim Registry

Following Intercept report, 22 organizations urge tech firms to reject Trump's Muslim registry

Of nine tech companies, only Twitter says it would refuse to help build Trump's Muslim registry

Facebook Finally Says It Will Not Help Build Muslim Registry


Net Neutrality On the Chopping Block After FCC Chairman's Resignation.

Trump will attack the FCC's net neutrality rules | PCWorld

Trump's attacks on free speech and the open Internet send a huge web archive fleeing to Canada - LA Times


Should Read: Trump's meeting with Silicon Valley's elite was a naked power play, and they lost - Quartz

Trump Family Presidency meets with Silicon Valley tech titans (not Twitter) at his Manhattan tower: Promises $. #

Trump Pledges Aid to Silicon Valley During Tech Meeting - NBC News

'I'm Here to Help,' Trump Family Carrots Tech Executives at Meeting, As Underlings Revolt Back In Silicon Valley NYT

Donald Trump says at tech meeting with children in attendance: "We have no formal chain of command" - Salon

Silicon Execs Representing a Whopping $3 Trillion Just Walked into Trump Tower - NBC News


How Silicon Valley's oligarchs are learning to stop worrying and love Trump:

Tech billionaires are already wavering toward Trump, and the Silicon Valley should pin them to its political values.

This is how ridiculous the Trump tech meeting was


Government-Connected Palantir CEO at Trump-tech summit raises red flags

Peter Thiel joins Trump's transition team - Nov. 11, 2016

Government-dependent Elon Musk to Join Donald Trump's Tech Meeting - WSJ

Palantir CEO Theil at Trump-tech summit raises red flags.


Trump team 'bounced' Twitter from tech summit over 'Crooked Hillary' emoji flap: Report

Source: Twitter cut out of Trump tech meeting over failed emoji deal - POLITICO


The secretive brain trust of Silicon Valley insiders who are helping Trump - The Washington Post

Pay Pal: Peter Thiel's Embrace of Trump Has Silicon Valley Squirming. NYT

Thiel, Trump, and the Billionaires' Attack on the Press | Mother Jones


Trump Supporter Peter Thiel must tread carefully between Trump and his super-secret start-up, experts say

'Proud to be gay' Peter Thiel has top job on Trump transition team that just appointed virulently anti-gay pol.


Facebook still isn't prepared to confront the extent of its fake news problem. and


Twitter Has the Right to Suspend Donald Trump for Harassment. NYT


Donald Trump says America (he) needs to control the internet to protect its freedom

Thai lawmakers approve tighter control of internet and


Trump's Internet and How to Stop It - Lawfare

Protecting The Internet From Donald Trump: Non-Profit Plans Archive to 'Keep Stuff Safe'


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